Over the last few weeks, we’ve made a few changes on our home page and on the site. Here’s an update:

  • DewTube Slider FeatureDewTube Slider: This feature allows you to see our different collections of recent videos in one place. Each collection slides into place after a few seconds. Just click on one of the videos or the menus (below the video thumbnails) and the sliding will stop. You can also click one of the bottom menus to go directly to another collection. One other note: just above each video collection is a link to “Click to view more” – this link will take you to a page to see videos from recent weeks and give you a link to see our entire collection of the thousands of videos that we have shared over time. If you see a video that you think ought to be featured on the Dew, please email us at: [email protected].
  • The Dew's Brick WallOur Brick Wall: Our wall has moved up to be more prominent (we have also a brick background). We hope you will use this, much like you do for a status update on facebook, to “post your thoughts and comments on movies, plays, concerts, restaurants, bars, arts and festivals. Alert us to upcoming events, political rallies or what’s going on where you live. Comment on the news. What’s ticked you off? What’s floating your boat? Share an idea. Or just tell us what’s on your mind. Whatever, keep it clean and post it.” Posting on our wall doesn’t require login, just your name and email address. Try it. There is also a link a at the bottom to view all wall comments.
  • Fewer Photos on our Home Page: To make room for the wall, we removed the photos from stories appearing on the second row of our home page. There are still just as many recent stories, they just don’t have photos. We also removed the “recent comments” listing.
  • The Dew's new Guest ColumnsGuest Columns: During recent weeks, we have invited authors who typically post their stories on other sites, to post on the Dew (also promotes their sites). We have also posted some important stories our editors and alert readers have found around the web (requires us to get permission or the stories to be offered with a Creative Commons license). If you write on another site and wish to post on the Dew, know someone who does, or if you see an important story offered via a Creative Commons license, please let us know by sending an email to: [email protected] We expect this to be an occasional feature, but depends on how you like it. We will continue our Suggested Reading (top left of our home page), which is compiled every day by our editors and our News and Opinion Feeds (check them out, pretty cool).
  • Our Future Plans: This is story number 2,499. Quite an accomplishment for an all-volunteer, no-capital, no-income site. Those of us who keep the Dew running have thought long and hard about what “business model” we should have. We have tried ads and learned that advertising doesn’t make us enough money for the work or the heartache of seeing them on the site. We’ve tried our DewShops, but haven’t had enough click-through purchases to earn much. We also have a donation method (thanks to those who have). We have finally made a decision. is going to become a 501(c)(3). Now all we need is an attorney-volunteer to help us and, of course, the filing fee. Once we have completed this, we are going to invite you to recommend those who will be the LikeTheDew board to govern the site from then on. Stay tuned.
  • Creative Commons License IconA Note to our Writers: Some of our writers have requested that they would like their stories posted with a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license allowing other non-commercial sites to pick up the story with proper attribution (click here to learn more about Creative Commons). If you wish for your stories to be posted as Creative Commons, please let us know when you submit your story. If you’d would like us to append your existing stories for Creative Commons, please send an email to [email protected]. Oh yeah, to those who have written for the Dew and haven’t in a while, we really do miss your voice.
  • A Note to our Readers: Thank you for reading the Dew — it is why we dew what we dew — but we need more of you. Please tell your friends and colleagues about us. Share stories and links to the Dew — there are buttons above and below each story to make it easy. You might also suggest they sign-up for our free morning Dewsletter by clicking here.

As always, please let us know if you experience problems on the site or inappropriate comments and email them to [email protected].

Please comment on this story and let us know what you think of the new features and other changes – or anything else. If you don’t like what we are dewing and don’t let us know, we won’t. The inverse is true, too.

  1. Can you fix it so that logging in returns the reader to the page visited so that leaving a comment isn’t like traffic being rerouted? Also, is it possible to make a direct link from the home page to the composition page for writers? CAPTCHA is erratic. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

    Non-profit status is really easy to establish. It used to be that if less than $25,000 a year was collected, there was no need to file anything with the IRS. That’s now been changed and an annual report of income and expense will need to be filed.
    If you want people to send you money, you have to ask and do it often. Having a goal and a visible record helps. People like to see the process of accumulation. Don’t use PayPal. ActBlue is good, but I’m not sure they do eleemosynary outfits in addition to politicians. They survive by asking donors for an additional tip. “Subscribe” seems to be an attractive word.

    1. Lee Leslie

      Yes, we’ll work on the login and captcha. We continue to have problems with our caching system. I will have to get back to you.
      There is a direct link on the home page for writers (very bottom of the far left/blue column). Currently, if you login, you are redirected to a page which also offers a direct link for writers.
      Wish we could use ActBlue, but it is to support candidates and issues. I’ll do some research on other portals. I know that some charge (Acceptiva comes to mind) too much per month to make them affordable. Are Google Checkout or Amazon Payments considered better than PayPal?
      As for asking, we felt it wasn’t a good practice to ask without transparency and independent accounting – we still have some setup to do. Our needs/expenses are modest – mostly site hosting, software licensing and image licensing – a few hundred dollars a month, sometimes less – and, so far, we have covered those costs supplemented by a few hundred dollars a year from donations. More to come. Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Hi Dew friends,

    Thank you for all your hard work. I love the Dew. Sorry I haven’t had been able to write anything lately. Too busy with pesky work. I work with a lot of nonprofits and would be happy to help you get rolling or serve on your board…



    1. Lee Leslie

      Thanks, Patti. Pesky work or looking for work is going around. I’ll write you off line.

  3. I appreciate all the work you and the team do. You give us a beautiful voice.

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