How to submit a story to the Dew

4 steps: Request registration, login, update profile, submit.

1. Should you wish to post a story, email a request for registration to [email protected] using a valid email address. We will send you a password via email to the address you provide. This is our way of validating that you are real. You might also need to add “[email protected]” to your address book. Registration is not required to comment or subscribe to our newsletter.

Sample email with password

2. Login to Like The Dew (there is a link to login at the top of every page or click here; if you are logged in, there are some navigation links at the bottom left of our home page allowing you to get to our dashboard to submit or edit a story).

3. Once you login, look to the bottom left of our home page, update your profile.

Update your profile screen

4. Submit your story.

Submit a story screen

That’s it. Once you have completed login, you will also have access to our dashboard where you can find a link to edit your story.

For more information on appropriateness, privacy, copyrights and the like, go to our FAQ’s.

If that still seems over your head, you may also just email your post to [email protected]