News Releases

Like it or not, things have changed. In the old days, a publicist would work tirelessly to come up with a safe, self-serving news release complete with fascinating boilerplate designed for a client to approve, then they’d package it with an ingratiating cover letter or email and a gigantic photo that would surely get every self-respecting journalist and editor to jump up and down, excited they received this scoop.

  • Please try not to send us a news release. Our readers are not the least bit interested in what your client would approve. If you do send a news release, for goodness sake, do not send it as an email attachment (would you open an attachment from someone you don’t know?).
  • Please don’t send gigantic or teensy photos. 2,000 pixels wide is preferred, but we can receive larger images and can work with images as small as 600 pixels wide.
  • Demonstrate that you care enough about our time (we are volunteers) to have actually looked at our site. Notice what types of stories are posted here. Read our FAQs and learn what is appropriate. Failure to do so is always evident and makes us think poorly of you, your client and surely would embarrass your parents.

If you want a story to publish on, you can do one of two things:

  1. Send us an email to: [email protected] with a one paragraph argument of why it would be of interest to our readers, paste into your email what used to be called a fact sheet and make sure it has facts (who, what, when, where, that sort of thing – points off for bias); attributed (with contact for verification) quotes if you like; a photo (with photo credit) no larger than 1200 pixels wide is optional; and be sure you include contact information. A submission such as this may get someone to write about it or it may get posted in our mini-dew reviews.
  2. Register on our site and post an original story that is relevant and interesting to readers (click to learn how to submit a story). If you are getting paid to submit the story or have a relationship with the subject of the story, you must disclose it at the end. Do not include in your story any links to commercial web sites associated with your client. Make sure you have read our FAQs related to “appropriateness.”