1. You are sending me 3 copies each time!!!

  2. I am unsubscribing because you are sending 5 copies and that is harassment.

  3. too many copies arriving each day.

  4. My confirmation e-mail said I could manage my account.  When I clicked on “authenticate” it brought me back to the page to sign up.  How do I manage my e-mails.  Before I can donate money I have to my answers to my question.  I don’t want to be spammed.

    1. Lee Leslie

      Pam – I am sorry this occurred. We are working on the problem. If you wish to unsubscribe from comments or the Dewsletter, let me know and I can remove your email address manually.

      [email protected]

    2. Just wanted to report that this has been fixed and tests out. Sorry for the problem.

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