Banned CommentsToday, we did something that feels terribly wrong, but for good reason: we suspended the comment privileges of someone on the Dew for violating our published rules of civility.

Free speech and the right to disagree are held sacred here. So are honesty, transparency and civility. The commenter was warned numerous times, and for whatever reasons, refused to comply or even respond to our requests for dialog. In almost two years, we have never banned anyone else. You may have known him as “Bob Tetley,” “Francois Lipton,” or the most recent incarnation of  “Brenden.”

We allow commenters to use an alias to protect their privacy, but we require a valid email address, which remains hidden. Without a valid email, we have no way of determining whether the commenter is an individual or represents a group submitting spam comments to disrupt the conversation. For months we have put up with the excessively long comments, race baiting, duplicate content, off-topic messages, false claims and personal attacks. Ultimately, it was the deceit that forced the decision.

Your comment is invited. This is your community.