During recent weeks, we have made some changes on the Dew.

Comments – Now when you comment on a story, you’ll find an “Edit” button so you can discreetly fix typos or punctuation. In the next month or so, our comment windows will be upgraded (thanks to some generous donations to the Dew) to include a formatting tool bar and built-in spell check. You might also have noticed that comments now allow nested replies to specific commenters (just click the “Reply” link) and user avatars (automatic if you uploaded a photo when you registered or login using Facebook or Twitter, etc.).

Southern Voices – A new section on the Dew. You’ll find it toward the bottom on the right side of our home page. This section is open to all users and is designed for less formal posts – blogs, opinions, rants and such. Except for being monitored for our “appropriateness” standard, these posts are original and unedited. To learn how to post your stories, click here.

Videos & Recommended Reading – Each day, LikeTheDewers scour the Web looking for interesting videos and stories. We’ve recently added more videos and redesigned the jump pages for videos and our recommended reading. In case you missed something, you’ll find all those added in the last few weeks on the jump pages.

Manage Your Dewsletter Subscription
– A link at the bottom of every e-mail we send allows you to unsubscribe or change the frequency in which you receive emails from the Dew. To make the process easier and less confusing, there is now a page you can access from our Web site to manage these preferences. Under the “Content” pull down at the top of every page, you’ll find “Manage Subscription or Unsubscribe.” You will also find a link on this page to our complete, confusing and totally written in a tech version of legalese privacy policy.

One more note on our Dewsletter: LikeTheDew.com does not send out unsolicited e-mails. Wish we could because we know there are millions of people who would love to read the Dew, but doing so is wrong (and illegal). However, there’s nothing to prevent you from forwarding your Dewsletter to friends and associates and suggest they sign up. Here’s a direct link for sign up, just in case you need it: https://likethedew.com/contact/subscribe/

Ads on the Dew – During recent months, we have experimented with ads, which generate the Dew a small commission when the ads are clicked on and a purchase is made. The ads haven’t been a total failure, but close (we earned less than $100 in 3 months of trying). We’ve learned that Dew readers will click on Amazon ads and make a purchase, but few others. While our Dew Shops are still open (if you are going to buy something on the Web — computers, printing, apparel, travel, books, music, etc. — please visit our Dew Shops, click on a listed advertiser and help out the Dew), we have begun removing most of the advertisers from our pages. We’ve left up a few – mostly green, fair trade, Southern or general merchandise.

Please comment and let us know what you think – and thanks for reading LikeTheDew.com.

  1. I think you should propose a an annual subscription of $20-$25 to readers, make it optional and see what happens.

    1. Lee Leslie

      It’s a good idea and we’ll (Keith, Ron, Terri, Chrys and others willing and present) will discuss at this month’s meeting. Just not sure how to present it – you know, being Southern and polite and all. Yet, the passive aggressive technique (just putting a donation button at the bottom of the page) probably won’t cut it. Right now, we’re just trying to cover costs (hardly worth mentioning), raise enough dough to get the site on a dedicated server so it will load much faster and do a little promotion to grow our readership to give the ad model another chance. Thanks, for the suggestion and for reading the Dew.
      BTW, Alobar47 – if you don’t mind me asking, is that a reference to Jitterbug Perfume, holoprosencephaly or a local pub?

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