During the past couple of weeks, LikeTheDew.com has come under increasing attacks from spammers registering on our site and attempting to post malicious code. While the site is secure, the bombardment, over 20,000 attempts yesterday, is quite a nuisance (we get an email each time there is a registration).

You may notice some additional levels of security on the site. We regret they are necessary, but attacks are part of being successful enough to be noticed by cyber vandals (tempted to write something nasty, but don’t wish to provoke them further). You will also notice that, at least temporarily, registration via social media sites (facebook, twitter, google, etc.) is no longer allowed.

All to say, new registration may be suspended for time to time as we do battle. If you wish register and have difficulty or find that registration is not available, please email: [email protected] and we will set up your account. Note on new registrations: if you wish to register and submit a story, please let us know so we can properly set up your account.