New Story Categories

  • Southern News – We’ve long needed a place to feature news and comment on news (weigh in). Here you’ll find Ron Taylor’s Dew Drops. Southern perspectives (what’s yours?) on news affecting all of us. And from time to time, you’ll find recommend reading from other sites.
  • Southern Views – This is for blogs (yes, you can blog on the Dew), views on Southern issues and shared stories that just don’t seem to fit in other sections.
  • Southern Life – Stories about living, play, travel, art, coping, health, musings and some recollection (don’t forget).
  • Southern Sounds & Scenes – Here you’ll find Jeff Cochran’s Song of the Day series and Southern music (what are the sounds of your life?). You’ll also find stories and photographs about Southern places (where do you live?).

Talk of the South, Southern Politics (get involved), Recommended Reading (recommend yours), Southern Food & Drink (what’s on your table tonight? surely you have a story about your favorite bar?), Southern Portraits (tell us about someone great), Dew Reviews (read a great book,  eaten at a great place, or found a great product?),  Shared Videos (we’d love you to share) and our News & Opinion Feeds (have you seen it? wow, you can read the web in no time) will remain the same.

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