While I have covered much of this ground before, Labor Day comes every year, and like prostate exams, each new occurrence presents new points of discussion.

And, once again, I would like to wish a “Happy Labor Day” to those workers who produce the tsunami of goods swamping America’s retail establishments, not to mention filling our UPS and Amazon delivery trucks.

I would like to do this, but, as in years past, I still do not speak Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindu, Pakistani, or any other Asian dialect. (Levi’s are now made in Egypt, for Pete’s sake. (Pete is the American whose job was exported.)

Mercantile experts have lauded Amazon creator Jeff Bezos for having the business savvy to realize people would eagerly pay to have purchases delivered to their homes. To these experts, I would ask just one question: Does the name Sears & Roebuck ring a bell?

But, to be fair, due to the uptick in the economy, many more Americans have, thankfully, found employment; however, in most areas of the country, a really good-paying job is still rarer than a MAGA member selected for MENSA.

Many economists are saying the Covid-19 pandemic is responsible for the increased demand for new workers. This is just another bogus air-head academic theory; everybody knows the Covic-19 virus is a complete hoax.

As big a hoax as charging Trump supporters with trying to overthrow a legal election; just because they invaded the Capitol, smeared feces on the wall, committed theft, broke windows, assaulted police, threatened the lives of our elected officials, shouted obscenities, and acted really ugly.

I mean, who are these commie, Hillary and Bernie-loving accusers going to believe, the truth or their lying eyes? There is a big difference between treason and somebody trashing and trying to destroy the Nation’s Capitol.

(I can’t think of a difference right off, but I’m sure there has to be one.)

I will never be buffaloed into believing Covid has killed an astronomical number of people, even if a shortage has driven up the price of embalming fluid.

But I have noticed, lately, that there is no problem finding a parking place — except at funeral homes.

However, pandemics are nothing new. The infamous “Black Death” of the Middle Ages is alleged to have wiped out half of the world’s population. And it is also claimed the Black Death improved the lives of working folks because they were in such short supply.

The same stuff you hear today. Humanity is gifted with the ability to stretch the truth until it breaks. And some folks will believe even the most outlandish lie.

For example, people have told me, with a straight face, that there was a time earaches were treated by having someone urinate in your ear.

This has got to be a lie. While I would never tell a lie about having an earache treated by someone urinating in my ear, I confess there is a lie I might tell concerning this subject.

I would have no problem lying to proponents of this treatment method about me having an earache.

It appears folks can go a tad nuts concerning healthcare. I mean, some people won’t be vaccinated for Covid at the point of a gun and yet willingly fight the virus by taking dewormer meant for horses.

But I can see where it would be mighty convenient for an owner and his horse to take the same medicine. However, I can’t help wondering how these folks who overdose on horse medicine explain it to the ER doctor?

When asked how much horse medicine they took, do they speak out loud how many horse tablets they swallowed or, instead, stamp their foot on the floor the correct number of pills?

Some folks have always had odd ideas concerning healthcare. I have a relative who routinely treats his arthritis by spraying his joints with WD-40. Admittedly, he has the quietest screen door and knees in the family.

But back to Labor Day:

Let us be honest here — most people have to work, but few actually enjoy their jobs. Our lives would be a lot better if we did not have to interrupt our fun and go to work.

I spent nearly a half-century working in textiles. First, I was a “mill-hand,” then an “employee,” and, at last, teetering at the edge of the eternal unemployment abyss, they labeled me an “associate.” Of these three, being an associate was by far the worst.

When a company starts referring to you as an “associate,” it is high time to head for the exit. Climb the fence if necessary. Things are about to get ugly and totally out of hand.

I have made this observation before: According to most interpretations of Genesis, Man was evicted from a toil-free, non-laboring paradise in Eden and sent to the employment office after Eve sweet-talked Adam into eating that apple.

(That gal had been frolickin’ with a talking snake. Always leads to trouble.)

Just a bite of the wrong fruit instantly snatched us out of a barefoot, butt-nekkid, sashaying around, cutting-up life, into a world of hair cuts, dress-codes, time-clocks and mill whistles. Every time I gave my wife grocery money — money earned by the sweat of my brow — and she came home with a sack of apples, the supreme irony of it all overwhelmed me.

So, Happy Labor Day. If you don’t believe in it for yourself, do it for the kids.

Take your Covid vaccine for the same reason. Do your part to alleviate overcrowding in the mortuary parking lots.

And to that mill hand in Pakistan running my Alabama exported looms, I have one question: “It ain’t as much fun as you thought it’d be, is it, Bubba?”


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Image Credit: Depiction of the original sin by Jan Brueghel de Oude and Peter Paul Rubens via Wikipedia.org/Public Domain