“I understand citizenry anger directed at dictatorial Socialism and its threat to liberty, freedom and the very fabric of American society.”- Rep Mo Brooks (R-Al) 

Brooks made this inane statement in regard to a pro-Trump terrorist who was arrested in front of the Capital after he threatened to blow it up (8-19-21). In response, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Il), one of the few moderates left in the party, indicated that the GOP must decide whether it will support domestic terrorism or democracy. The clear implication was that Brooks is on the side of the terrorists. 

Former GOP Representative Joe Scarborough, now on MSNBC, also stated, “I just wonder what Republicans would say of Democrats if Democrats were praising domestic terrorists for an insurrection of the government.”   

Scarborough and Kinzinger have it right. It’s absolutely unbelievable that just a decade ago any House member would have uttered such praise for a domestic terrorist.  But in the current version of the GOP the inmates are now running the asylum. Little wonder that Georgia’s Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R), a certifiable Qanon weirdo, has endorsed Brooks. 

And it’s equally unbelievable to think that past GOP House leaders would not have strongly condemned Brooks’ outrageous authoritarian remarks. But this is 2021, and the GOP is still controlled by Trump, a con man of considerable skill. And he is preying upon the many class and racial divisions in our society. So do not hold your breath waiting for Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to voice any criticism. 

But this is not the first Brooks incident worthy of condemnation. This is the same Mo Brooks that has made many controversial statements over the years. For example, encouraging open racism by repeatedly saying that the Democrats are “waging a war on whites.” Plus, continuing to call his opposition names such as “radical Socialist Democrats,” whatever that means.  

And, of course, undercutting the very fabric of our democracy by continuing to loudly proclaim that “Donald Trump easily won the Electoral College,” despite the fact that Biden clearly won (as many court cases have shown). 

Along these lines, Brooks also is accused of inciting the 1-6-21 insurrection and is being sued by another House member, Eric Swalwell in that regard. Addressing the same crowd that later went to the Capitol, Brooks said “Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass!” He also asked these supposedly pro law and order “patriots” to be prepared to sacrifice their lives for the cause. Shortly afterwards, they marched on the US Capitol, resulting in injuries to 150 Capital and Metropolitan police. 

But Brooks has long had a habit of making it up as he goes. A few years back, as a member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, he had an embarrassing encounter with a respected scientist, Philip Duffy. Brooks maintained that the seas were rising primarily due to silt from rivers and erosion of cliffs, neither of which is true (the primary cause is melting ice and oceanic thermal expansion). And that the Antarctic sheet is expanding rather than shrinking due to rising temperatures, another obvious falsehood. 

Further, Brooks has a miserable success record regarding actually getting bills passed. His primary role is obviously that of a rabble rouser, figuratively throwing bombs into the crowd. Is that really who Alabama’s citizens want representing them? 


Image Credit: the image is a screenshot of Rep. Mo Brooks (R, AL) from video by Staff Sgt. George Maddon via DVIDS /Public Domain; Inset photo is the official portrait of Congressman Mo Brooks (Public Domain).

Jack Bernard

Jack Bernard

Jack A Bernard is a retired SVP with a national healthcare corporation. He was Chair of the Jasper County, Ga Board of Commissioners and Republican Party. He was also on the Board of Health for Jasper County and is currently on the Fayette County BOH. Bernard has over 100 columns published annually, primarily in the South.