As much of America expresses shock and outrage over the violence in the nation’s capital by factions attempting to thwart freedom and democracy, I shake my head.

Shocked, I am not. Four years ago, when President Donald Trump was elected, I shared with a friend, “We know not what we do. We’ve just elected Beelzebub to the presidency of the United States.”

For four years we watched as Trump has denigrated, derided, mocked, and demeaned virtually every constituency of Americans. Immigrants. Black Lives. The poor and homeless. The disabled. LGBT community. The military.  Those sick with Covid. … all the time while promoting a nationalistic, closed society appealing to white supremacy and the entitled elite.

Yet we refused to notice and gave him a pass time after time. Tweet after tweet. It’s not like we had no clues. He campaigned with those message points. For decades he ran his company with derisive, inefficient, and untruthful practices.

Yet, when it came time for reelection, more than 74 million votes were cast for him. More than 81 percent of white evangelicals voted for him. Which is crazy! Why would those who profess to love Christ so deeply ignore his teachings to support such an evil despot. Why do we see so many of those D.C. protestors holding protest signs with Bible verses? That’s incomprehensible!

Many Trump supporters are shaking their heads after watching the aftermath that culminated after Trump’s last nine weeks of defiance and his last four years of demagoguery rule. To those I say, you get what you wish/vote for! You, in your support, are just as responsible.

You can say how awful the attack on the Capitol was. You can say how democracy must prevail. You can say those actions aren’t American. You can say those don’t reflect the feelings of most citizens. But you put him in that position.

And after watching that for four years, you still voted for him.

So, don’t express shock. Pay attention. Study. Learn. Read. Be willing to accept ideas for change that will truly benefit all Americans. Don’t get so caught up in your own little prejudiced worlds, wants and needs that you don’t understand America’s real problems. And if you don’t believe that you may be part of the problem, God help you.


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Bob Dickinson

Bob Dickinson

Bob Dickinson has spent his entire career in the sports, television and entertainment business.  He currently runs Dickinson Partners Group and is executive director of STEAM Sports Foundation. While DPG focuses on assisting sports and entertainment startups in the areas of launch strategies, marketing, customer acquisition and financial procurement, the foundation conducts summits and career conferences in an effort to raise scholarship and grants funds for tomorrow’s future workforce.  The firm is committed to advocacy programs for equity, social change and racial justice. Dickinson’s background includes college athletics, the NFL, Turner Broadcasting, Olympics and motorsports.  He sits on the board of Young Authors Publishing and Raion Footwear.