Good day to all –

Americans are nothing if not charitable and caring. As a rule, concern for others is in our national DNA. This laudable characteristic is evident in even the ardent support and adoration shown for our special needs leader who plays a President on TV.

While declining to wear a protective pandemic mask in public, like a mature adult, The Donald would no doubt be tickled to giggle fits if he were allowed to wear his favorite hockey helmet at appearances. But, so far, his overworked minders have managed to keep him from wearing puzzling headgear, other than his truly baffling hairdo.

And the boy gets all pouty and grumpy when he doesn’t get his way. Perhaps allowing Mr. Trump to wear his favorite hockey helmet would give him the courage and fierce demeanor necessary to stand his ground with reporters, especially feisty female reporters who don’t mind spanking him in public.

Such “sez’s you type wimmin” seem to get Trump’s goat. (While I’ve never understood the downside of having your goat gotten. from remarks over the years, to some folks. that seems to be a real tragedy in self-esteem.)

Trump wasn’t any happier at his last press conference; especially after that female Chinese/American reporter, Weijia Jiang, jumped in his shit for being so rude to her. She finally had enough. Trump had insulted her before. Good on her! I’m on her side permanently now.

(Can’t stand rude behavior in a person. It calls for a punch in the mouth – or to the ego.)

Naturally, Trump the Chump turned tail and ran like the whiny little cowardly bitch he really is. He literally ran away from a 100 pound little lady.

Can’t say I was surprised.

This Chinese-American reporter works for CBS. Ms. Jiang, raised in WV by immigrant parents. graduated high school at 16. had a master’s degree from college by the time she was 22 years old. She’s got more brains in her little finger than Trump has in his entire whale chunk of a short-bus riding body. Though male reporters are not spared his insults. Trump seems to particularly detest female reporters. Especially those who don’t take any crap off of him.

I must say. I’ve been watching presidential press conferences for most of my long life. And, until Trump came along imitating a President, I’ve never seen an instance where reporters argued with the President face to face. To my mind, that just proves the reporters have reached the end of their rope with this disgusting, insulting, bullying, reeking sack of decomposing protoplasm.

Too bad the rest of us haven’t as well.

The problem with Trump’s strain of lunacy is that it is as contagious as Covid-19. Folks are still defending his goofy ass.

Which, of course, makes them as goofy as Trump is.

Recently, when one of Trump’s worshipers asked me what I had against The Donald, I replied that, mainly, you couldn’t believe anything he said.

Whereupon this loyal Trumpite barked, “I challenge you or anybody else to name just one lie President Trump has ever told.”

I quickly replied that I was glad he wanted to hear just one Trump lie. Because, at my advanced age, I had nowhere near enough time left to repeat them all. That would be a job for the National Archives.

(Remember – there are humans with viral qualities, too.)


Image credit: the feature image of Weijia Jiang and Donald Trump is a screen shot promoting the video (fair use).