I read on al.com today that 20 people had been tested for coronavirus in Alabama. Twenty. The upside of that I suppose is that Alabama, with its nearly five million residents, can declare itself free of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Sepia colored photo of couple kissing while wearing surgical masks - Story Crop

While residents of The Heart of Dixie assume the what-you-don’t-know-can’t-hurt-you position, discourse concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic appears to have taken on a political tone. Fox News, other conservative “news” outlets and our Wonderful President imply that the whole virus thing has been concocted by evil liberals and their media tool to create panic and help defeat the Wonderful President in the upcoming election.

In Alabama everybody who drives a truck – or BMW, for that matter — with a rebel battle flag or Trump sticker on it looks with disdain upon people who take precautions with the illness and want more testing. That means this isn’t really political, it’s Darwinian. A lot of people in Trump Country are going to get sick and maybe even die from this virus. All the while they remain certain that the Wonderful President continues to do “all he can for us.”

If you are a Trumper and you find yourself questioning the veracity of the Wonderful President on this issue, you should ask your preacher for discernment. You know, the guy you “follow,” who told you that “gun rights” is written in the literal Bible or that Democrats want to take away your “freedom of religion because they believe in separation of church and state.” The same guy who told you that Jesus did not include gays and Hispanics when he commanded that you love your neighbor as yourself.

Maybe your spiritual leader will tell you it is no longer necessary to handle snakes to prove your faith…you can simply stand in front of the pulpit and let people sneeze on you.


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