Watching baseball really isn’t really my thing … my thing was rugby, l lost some teeth but had loads of fun. But without a doubt this is the best World Series I have ever witnessed.

Recently in the NYT’s there was an Op-ed by Jennifer Weiner discussing the appropriateness of heckling President Douchebag at a baseball game. And there is much to agree with what she says. The writer admits to deriving a certain pleasure of watching Doofus Donny’s face turn from a triumphant-emperor grin just to melt into a petulant child-frown as he realizes he struck out in the Worlds Series of Fuck You.

The “Lock Him Up” chant was a bit of icing on the cake. But the writer deals in half measures. She finds his behavior valid of being booed – but doesn’t like the fact that she enjoyed him being booed. Really? That’s your crime against humanity? She tries to appeal to her better angels and wades into the tired “Is this who we should be?” argument.

Here are a couple of her quotes and my response.
The booing is fine. It’s my own reaction to the booing that troubles me — the joy I took from Mr. Trump’s pain and the example it sets for my kids.- A) If the booing was fine, then it shouldn’t trouble you and B) Your kids need to learn this shit as early as possible so they don’t let it happen like we did.

We — Democrats, liberals, progressives, the resistance, whatever you call the other side — are supposed to be better than that. There is no comparison, we are better than they are and booing a lying douchebag doesn’t change that. When are we going to realize that treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, lying to the American people, gutting the judicial, stealing a president’s Supreme Court pick, and talking to our enemies in private are all a bit worse than booing?

Her thinking is that Michelle Obama’s “When they go low, we go high” may be a better way to deal with this disgusting administration and the ignorant goons that support him. And I love Michelle, a whip-smart, classy woman if I ever saw one. And I think that “going high’ is good advice at most dinner parties. Well, dinner parties which don’t include republicans – because who would want to eat food that has been around a republican? She feels that in the battle to instill decency and morality back into the public sphere acting in an impolite manner may destroy our decency and morality. She poses the question – who we will be after this shit-gibbon is finally gone? Will we become shit-gibbons? The answer is no, no we won’t, not by a long shot. Did we abandon all decency after the American Revolution? We did call King George a lot of shitty names, and not just at baseball games, we printed those slurs against his majesty in newspapers. (Now, we did abandon our decency after the Civil War but I’ll let that lie for now.)

The Op-ed confused me as I didn’t think this type of thing needed explaining to the general public. I thought the stadium response to a vile, lying sum-bitch was appropriate and self-explanatory. It made me proud that America can still fill a baseball stadium with mostly decent people. We aren’t going to politely talk this president or any republican into doing the right thing – that just ain’t happnin’. So, when do we take the blinders (and gloves) off?

“Going low” doesn’t destroy one’s humanity, it doesn’t dissolve one’s morality, and it doesn’t nullify ones decency. Every so often there comes a time when you must fight or be destroyed – the Hitlers and Mussolinis had to be killed to be stopped – they weren’t talked out of stopping. And they started the same way disgusting Donny started. If groups of people had “gone much lower, much sooner,” things would have been better, fewer people would have died. My advice, don’t tolerate the intolerable.

And those that fought, protested, hated, killed, and died to defeat those vile forces did not lose their morality, decency and sense of better self – they preserved it.

Just as violence, horror and immortality will always be a permanent part of mankind, decency and principle are always hiding in there as well. Decency and principal are also baked into man’s DNA, just in smaller amounts.

The real question is “when and how fast” do you go low in order to outflank the abhorrent rise of violence, immorality, bigotry, and the gutting of the legal system standing before you? It’s a little late to be worried about common courtesy. Act now before it washes over you leaving only loss in its wake. If the snake grows significantly larger much will be lost. At the point people have to spill blood in order to self-correct – your philosophy of what is civil and what is not won’t matter a whit. 

The booing and chanting at the stadium was morality in action. It was “going high” … it was American values on display for us to see and act upon.

So, play ball. Vote like your life depends on it – because it does.


Image Credit: the World Series cartoon of Trump being Booood out was created by the author © Trevor Stone Irvin.

Trevor Stone Irvin

Trevor Stone Irvin

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