Suckers. Losers. 

“Among men of honor a word is a bond”: Italian proverb

Although I’ve lived in Georgia off and on since 1964, I’m the grandson of Italian immigrants. As the fictional Don Corleone of Godfather fame once said: “I am old school; I believe in respect.” And honor being the basis for that respect.That’s why Don Trump is unlike Don Corleone, who had some positive characteristics. 

According to the Pew polling (10-1-18), only 24% of Americans believe Trump is even tempered (even less than 50% of Republicans feel this way). Per Pew: “Fewer than half (of all Americans) say that Trump is a strong leader (43%), well-informed (38%), empathetic (36%) or trustworthy (34%).”

Trump says he was a tough kid from Queens. No, he was the pampered kid of a wealthy tycoon, not self-made like Corleone. Although given Trump’s nature, he must have pushed around smaller kids. Growing up in blue collar NY neighborhoods, I saw bullies running their mouths and throwing around their weight against the weak.

And spoiled he was, sent off to expensive private boarding schools. Trump then went to fancy, expensive private colleges, his entry greased by Daddy. Upon graduation, Daddy provided him with hundreds of millions in seed money, back when a nice new car was $3,000. 

Through Daddy’s connections (physicians and others), he dodged the Vietnam draft… five times. Poor guy had “bone spurs.”

During this same period of time, my brother dropped out of GA Tech and joined the Army, although he had a metal pin holding his upper and lower left arm together. He couldn’t straighten his arm and was in periodic pain. Back then if you could breathe and weren’t in college, you volunteered or were drafted.

Don Corleone was tough as nails. But, true to the code that Italians like me were brought up under, he had honor. Corleone measured a man’s worth primarily by that factor.

Not so for Trump. Trump is not immoral. He is amoral and Americans know it, per Pew. Morality, facts and truth have no meaning for him.

There is an old saying that describes Trump: “How can you tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving!” Most Americans (and our allies) see Trump’s lack of honesty.

But, his lack of ethics should surprise no one. His history is replete with deals in which he unethically nailed his partners with no remorse. It is no accident that although his enterprises went broke numerous times, Trump walked away unscarred as his hapless, trusting partners bit the dirt.

Furthermore, Trump is proud of these exploits. Those guys were suckers, according to him.

Trump’s attitude toward taxes is telling. He stated he is too “smart” to pay taxes (or ever show tax returns due to his permanent audit). You losers can pay them. Other candidates can show you how their income is derived, not me! 

His attitude towards immigrants shows how his politics is transactional. Most Americans do not know that Trump Tower in Manhattan was built by illegal immigrants or that the contractor hired by Trump shorted their pay to the tune of $600,000 …and didn’t pay them until a court order forced him to do so.

Don Corleone was ruthless. Seeing an opportunity, he moved quickly, taking no prisoners. In that one way, he was like Trump, unconcerned about destroying the Constitution to build his wall.

It’s unfortunate that a minority of Americans electorate choose to ignore Trump’s many shortcomings, buying the fallacious argument that these facts are somehow untrue or caused by socialistic “Fake Media”. But, there’s hope. Per a Morning Star poll (2-19), voters in 33 states supported Trump when he took office, but that number has fallen to 17.

If the 2020 election isn’t rigged, we will be rid of Trump. But, given unfettered Russian tampering and the Barr report whitewash, that remains a big “if”.


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Jack Bernard

Jack Bernard

Jack A Bernard is a retired SVP with a national healthcare corporation. He was Chair of the Jasper County, Ga Board of Commissioners and Republican Party. He was also on the Board of Health for Jasper County and is currently on the Fayette County BOH. Bernard has over 100 columns published annually, primarily in the South.