where is the gop outrage?

Trump Whine No Fair they are pickin on me by Mike Licht

Republicans, the GOP, and Donald Trump are all blatantly obvious hypocrites. They are spineless, they lack a backbone, they have no guiding moral principles. They are parasites to our society.

Just imagine that Hillary Clinton had won the election on November 8th, 2016. I know that you might want to get lost in this fantasy, but go with me for bit. Imagine that she won the electoral college but lost the popular vote. Not just lost it, but got reamed by 3,000,000 votes. She was not humble in her victory, if one can call losing the majority of people a “victory,” but was braggadocios, arrogant, and bombastic about it. In fact, she even made the ridiculous claim that she would’ve won the popular vote except that 3-5 million uneducated whites committed voter fraud.

Does anybody think for a second that Trump would have graciously conceded the following day?

How long would it have taken for Republicans in Congress to start thinking of different ways to hold the election in order to prevent a popular vote loss/electoral college win?

Would anyone rule out that Trump would have incited his supporters to riot, to be violent, to turn to anarchy?

He would not have conceded, Republicans would have sought a rule change, and there would have been violence in the streets. The only reason that this country was not thrown into chaos after this election was that it was Democrats who lost, and they are always the bigger people.

Now imagine that President Hillary Clinton is in office. She was sworn in on January 20th, 2017, still boasting of her victory and planning victory rallies in the future. However, something unexpected happens, the FBI, on March 20th, testifies that they are investigating her emails. She immediately decries this as a hoax, a farce, a waste of time, phony, and says that it should immediately end. Then, on May 9th, Hillary Clinton fires James Comey, the acting director of the FBI and the person in charge of investigating her. The firing is done via a letter, which mentions that Clinton had personally asked Comey if she was under investigation (a clear ethics violation). The official line from the White House is that Clinton was just doing what the Deputy Attorney General suggested. The very next day she says, in an interview, that she was going to fire him anyways and that the letter meant nothing. In that same interview she says that one of the reasons she fired him was that she was “thinking of this email thing with Clinton,” essentially admitting that she fired him because he was investigating her.

How soon after all of this would the Republicans have written articles of impeachment?

How quickly would the GOP have said that she was obstructing justice?

How fast would she have been labeled “the most corrupt politician of all time”?

Is it beyond reason that perhaps states controlled by Republicans would send their National Guard units to the White House and try and force her removal? Small “militias” would undoubtedly do the same. It should be said that all except the last two actions would be justified. All this outrage would have been over an email investigation, something that is far less serious than, say (hypothetically, of course) colluding with Russia.

Unfortunately, all we can do is imagine that this is real. Donald Trump is President, he is under investigation, he has fired the person in charge of that investigation, his White House lied about why he fired that person, and he later admits it’s because they were investigating him.

Where is the Republican outrage?

Where are these patriots, who so love this country, but don’t give a damn that their President has possibly colluded with THE foreign enemy?

Where are the alarm bells signaling corruption?

Why is none of this happening? Because Republicans have no principles, no morals, no values. They are rank partisans, who care not for this country, or liberty, or democracy, but their own self gain. They are selfish, arrogant, narcissists, who will drive this country over the edge so long as it means one of their own is in the White House. They are god damn hypocrites and they are ruining us.

On top of all of that there is the recent New York Times report that Trump asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation. This is impeachable; he will not make it through September, much less the end of the year. We are living during a time when our President is actively and blatantly trying to obstruct justice into an investigation on whether he colluded with the Russians. We are living through history.

This is no time for partisans and hypocrites, but if Republicans continue down this path they will surely be remembered as such. The American people are watching, the world is watching, history is watching. Choose wisely.


Image: 2017 Coast Guard Academy Commencement Whine by Mike Licht via flickr and used under a Creative Commons license.

Matt Blakely

Matt Blakely is a political consultant and strategist based in Atlanta, Georgia. He focuses on Democratic campaigns and progressive causes.