hurts our hearts

I imagine what happens next to that march from protozoa to ape to man – just a poof of dust from the increasing implosion of facts-to-lies-to-violence based on nothing but a madman’s brain, and his cunning associate (perhaps with an “s” – just in case there’s somebody else in the room with Bannon?).  I wonder, daily, about how much of the planet will still be here, perhaps untouched by the debacle descending from talk to screams to bombs.  Of course that’s not possible, I tell myself.  Perhaps you do, too.  Still…

I have no answers, but fortunately many of us are evolving, very quickly, and finding ways to wake up, get up, stand up.  Like Pavlov’s dog, we’re jumping with every tweet and TV burp.  My favorite Meme from the last few days was tweeted today by @foodiewinoSF.

Too soon to tell how this turns out.  I’m rooting for democracy, and just as Leonard Cohen’s brilliant ode to Democracy, I’m still holding up this this little wild bouquet.

I used to be a precinct chair.  That got frustrating in a Republican district, in the belly of the monster in Texas.  No more.  I joined local and Indivisible groups.  We read all Michael Moore’s recommendations.  We wrote letters, made signs and visited the offices of Rep. Lamar Smith, Senator Cruz and Cornyn.

Nothing happened, and none of our representatives have scheduled a town hall while they’re supposed to be back home with their constituents — so we’re hosting a ghost town hall Saturday (at Esperanza Peace and Justice Center from 4-5 if you’re in the area).  Just like others around the country, we’ll put chairs with Cruz, Cornyn and Smith’s names on them at the front of the room, we’ll set up a mic and tape people telling their absent representatives what we are concerned about, what hurts our hearts, and what we want done to make the world a better place, or at least not descend into darkness.  We’ll send cards and the video to our representatives, and post online.  Then we will do more, and more.  I’m hoping revolution isn’t necessary, but who knows.  Many of us remember how far it had to go in the ’50s & ’60s, and hear the thunder from our younger friends on the horizon.

Survival for me, right now, is to share what’s important to us, embrace our friends and neighbors, secure the vote for 2018 and take back our freedoms and secure the rights for all our neighbors, whether new arrivals or descendants of the original Americans.  I’d say we’re blossoming, perhaps mutating into what I’m sure our forefathers thought a citizen should be all along.

Who knows if what we’re all doing will be enough as we rise from our citizen slumber.  We’re still rubbing our eyes and stumbling around the odd new world we’re in.  Any suggestions are welcome, and needed… and it would be nice for other Dewers to post pics of their town halls with their comments.








Suz Korbel

Susan Korbel

Graduating in '71 from Cornell gave me a few unencumbered years of protesting, followed by 4 happy hipster grad student/worker years at U of Michigan, completing a Ph.D. in public administration. Followed a comedian to San Francisco, then my heart to Austin Texas to learn the TV business, dabbled in hot&heavy politics in DC, and returned to Austin & San Antonio, Texas to hone my political/media skills. I make my money conducting consumer and political opinion studies.

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  1. Lee Leslie

    Yesterday we attended the town hall meeting for Georgia Congressional district one held at the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick. District one is a newly gerrymandered republican area consisting of our coastal communities and is the old district that Jack Kingston used to have before he decided he’d rather lose in a bid for the Senate and become a lobbyist. While my photo below doesn’t do the crowd justice, we had a great turnout of progressive citizens making up most of the crowd, asking great questions and demanding answers of our “representative.” Rep. Buddy Carter, of course, seldom answered any question, except to reiterate his pre-spun support for God; freedom, our troops, de-funding Planned Parenthood; completely repealing the Affordable Care Act with no specific replacement, but that it would be better somehow and those that needed help affording it would get refundable tax credits; turning Medicaid in to some type of state block grant program; raising the retirement age and reducing benefits of Social Security and Medicare; eviscerating the EPA; getting rid of the IRS and going to an almost flat tax that would raise the rates on the poor and lower them on the rich, but you file on a postcard; protecting our coastal areas by not protecting our coastal areas, clean water, air or climate; that sort of thing. And, that he was against everything when Trump was wrong and for everything when Trump was right. If you missed it, he promised to come back in August.

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