political negligence

According to a 2016 poll by Yale and George Mason University, 3 out of 4 registered voters think the climate is overheating and more than half believe it’s caused by human activities.

Meanwhile, politicians who are paid millions in campaign contributions by the fossil fuel industry block much-needed action to curtail the worst impacts of continuing emission of greenhouse gases. Due to such corrupt denial of facts, millions of Americans including many Georgians, face increasing risks to property and income caused by rising sea-level, wildfires, flooding, and drought.

Insurance costs rise, as properties jeopardized can lose significant net value. Moreover, to the extent related damages are compensated by government programs, taxpayers shoulder the burden of this willful political negligence.

Instead of being the lackeys of a polluting, increasingly reckless fossil-fuel industry, our elected officials must be held accountable to serving vital voter interests.

By accepting this responsibility, officials will also score well with the electorate by creating thousands of lasting jobs in clean energy, protecting global climate. Solar and wind power supports far more workers per dollar invested than oil, gas, and coal.

The Center for a Sustainable Coast is committed to supporting the moral imperative of this pivotal transformation.

Image: Drowning statue of liberty is a screen grab from youtube.
David Kyler

David Kyler

Executive Director at Center for a Sustainable Coast.