forbidden fruit


Dylan mocked, “. . . with God on our side.”

The Boy Scouts award a “God and Country” merit badge.

Nick Searcy sloganed,  “God bless America – annd no place else !”

And those longing for the “good old days” tend to lean to the right side of the political spectrum embracing “Guns and God.”

But who is this God?

And does he belong to the Republican Party?

I say there is proof in Genesis, that He does.

Anthropologists and mythologists sometimes note that human “consciousness” evolved with the onset of human language.

Thinking that uses only images and memories of actions is often associated with the  unconscious mind, unless accompanied by thought.

In an effort to explain the history of the relationship God has with humankind, the book of Genesis tells the story of creation and the creation of Adam, and then as a second thought, Eve. (Kinda evokes a male-centric viewpoint right there.)

In that story, the tree producing “forbidden fruit” is known as the “tree of knowledge.”

The aforementioned anthropologists and mythologists sometime associate the exit from the garden in Genesis by God who punishes A & E by banishment . . . with the onset of “the conscious mind.”

Now, this God in Genesis surely would be Republican.

Women weren’t quite equal to men, and talk about anti-intellectualism – God Himself seemed to have created and ordained it.

So, I surely aint sayin’ Donald Trump is no Jesus, but the evidence points to the big fellar (Trump, of course) having full support of the Almighty!

Reckon the radical Islamists ain’t the only casters-out of infidels.

So my only question is after the election, “Will the New York Times be allowed to be printed in English, as well as Spanish, and will newspaper boys be issued special apparatuses for the purpose of flinging the news over the Mexican wall – should this wall be built taller than an arms throw?

Rumor has it that an Australian newspaper boy has already solved this problem and has shown proclivity in published content foreboding of his “old school” mentality combined with his native country’s famous aboriginal device.

His name: Rupert.

The device: a hieroglyphamerated boomerang!



Image: borrowed from RepublicanGod’s Facebook page and hope they don’t mind that we are promoting their page.
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  1. As always, Austin, you are astute.

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