something to fret about

First spring flowers background, yellow crocuses on snow, copy space

Even though I’m not much of a gardener, in March and April I used to worry about things like when I should plant my veggies. I always let the spring flower bulbs fend for themselves. Vegetables were different. Building on that thought, this year things are quite a bit different.

Today, it seems like I worry about everything in terms of the weather: shopping traveling, appointments — you name it. It’s now well into April and I’m still thinking about the “S” word — “snow.” How much snow will the next storm bring? How much accumulation can I expect? Will the snow change to slush and perhaps freeze before the next rush hour? This year it’s only spring because that’s what the calendar says it is.

To be honest, this April I’m much more likely to be pondering when I can safely put away my snow shovel than calculating when I’ll be able to plant something. I’m still not happy and probably never will be. Sad to say, next year or even sooner, I’ll likely incessantly dwell on the lack of rain or something else, perhaps the temperature. Thanks to the weather, there’s always something to think about and fret about. I guess it’s a plus of sorts that human beings are habitually never happy for long, not even about the small stuff.

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Dr. Dorothy Ann Boyd-Bragg

Dr. Dorothy Ann Boyd-Bragg

Dorothy A. Boyd-Bragg is a Professor of History, Emerita, James Madison University. She received her Ph.D. from Temple University; the M.A. from Ohio State University; and the M.A.T. and B.A. from Temple University. She is the author of fourteen books and numerous articles and reviews. In addition, she has edited and indexed extensively. She is currently at work with her husband, Captain Robert L. Bragg, on One Hundred and One Aviation Stories I Tell my Friends: More, Much More, Than the Tenerife Crash.