one less egg to fry

Fried egg with broken shell

My mama loved the Lifetime Network. Back then it had the advertising slogan “It’s television for women.”   Mama would eagerly tell me about the latest movie she had watched always leaning in at the end and saying conspiratorially “you know, it’s television for women.” She said it in that same lowered tone that was used to describe “down there.” Down there was her pseudonym for the entire area of the body contained in underpants. Thong underwear would have thrown her for a loop.

Today I am sharing the story of my own personal Lifetime movie (It’s television for women.) My marriage lasted for almost 44 years. That is a long time by any standards. And by almost I mean that I was officially divorced 2 days or about 48 hours shy of my 44th wedding anniversary. To say that it has been difficult is beyond understated.

It all unraveled quickly, not some festering, hateful thing that went on for years. Over a few weeks, I discovered that I was deeper in debt than I could comprehend and that my husband was living a separate life under an assumed name. I have struggled unsuccessfully to find the word or words that would describe having my world turned upside down. About as close as I can come is my dad’s expression “shot at and missed; shit at and hit”

Thanks to my family and friends I am coping with this personal earthquake. Not very well, but well enough to know that I will survive. It has provided a great opportunity to practice living in the moment. The past is too sad and the future is just too terrifying.

I have a million questions. Question one is how could I be so clueless? Question two is how could he do this? Questions three through one million are variations on the first two.

Perhaps the Lifetime network would like to buy my story. I already have a title for them. One Less Egg to Fry: the Nancy Melton story.


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Nancy Melton

Nancy Melton

Nancy Melton has recently added "writer" to her biography. She works in the health insurance industry which has somehow become public enemy number one these days. She is proudest of her role as a wife, mother and grandmother (although writer comes dang close) and wishes she could still claim to be someone's daughter.

  1. Trevor Stone Irvin

    Very sorry to hear that … difficult to say the least. Hang in there and keep all the eggs for yourself.

  2. Oh, my, Nancy. What a dirty trick to pull on you. I was all seated here ready to read one of your amusing columns and get a morning belly laugh. Trevor’s right. Keep the egg for yourself.

  3. Eileen Dight

    When you recover from this low punch, Nancy, you’ll discover wider options, new paths and possibilities that never occurred to you, and with your spirit you’ll flourish. Just now you’re entitled to reel and I commend you for sharing this with us. There’s nothing new under the sun, just new ways of writing about it, and you are the woman to write the book.

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