St. Bernard Sanders wearing a berniecare barrel

Seven is a lucky number, but three’s a charm.

I’ve been told that the brain can’t keep track of more than seven things at a time. I’ve tried and it is really difficult to view seven fish at one time in the pond. I ended up counting them by size and then adding the groups to account for my dozen.  There are now fewer fish. I don’t see all the birds that come for a meal.

Anyway, I remain convinced that the brain has to be exposed to any new information at least three times before it sinks in. That may well be a default to prevent attention overload. But, if it’s true, then perhaps the three times rule explains why Senator Bernard Sanders for President is not registering as we might expect, given the obvious enthusiasm he generates — much as Barack Obama did in 2008. Back then we eventually ended up with Obamacare, a popular slogan though the program it’s applied to isn’t all that great. Which is why we now have what might be called Berniecare on the agenda, but it’s being officially ignored.

The question I would pose is “is it the proponents that are being ignored, or is it the care?” If Hillary cared, might she be leading in the favorability polls without the pundits knowing why? Because pundits still don’t get that “care” is the key?

Whether we attach it to health, medics or personalities, “care” is the magic potion. CARE packages are, of course, what convinced Europe that being defeated by America was going to be OK. CARE and America are one, albeit on a subconscious level. So, Senator Sanders cued it up with that Simon and Garfunkel tune.

If the Jewish St. Bernard gets elected in 2016, will we have to wait for another caring candidate before the importance of care sinks in?

Care is what differentiates the careful from our impetuous, instinct-driven and often clueless brethren.

Image: St. Bernard Sanders wearing a berniecare barrel- a composite image created for from a stock photo of a St. Bernard licensed by the dew at (Photo by swisshippo)and fair use photo of Senator Sanders.

Monica Smith

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