pas d'armes autorisées

Quebec border crossing is a composite photo create by

OK then, Canada it is. I’ve been looking for a country to move to in case Donald Trump gets elected president. That country’s decision to not only take in some of the flood of migrants from Mid-Eastern countries but to welcome them warmly helped me make up my mind.

Or I might go ahead and move there anyway. When a Christian school urges its students to arm themselves and gun sales nationwide are higher than ever, when mass shootings are everyday occurrences and our response is to close our doors to Muslims because there might be a terrorist among them, then I’m pretty sure the days of “give us your tired, your poor …” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” are over in this country. The words “the land of the free and the home of the brave” don’t seem to apply anymore. And whatever happened to that basic idea of religious freedom that America was founded upon?

I expect the Canadians will soon be building a wall – a very high wall – to keep out a flood of migrants from this country.

I just hope they will have one small door with the sign “no guns allowed and all religions welcome” where folks like me can get through.

Image: Quebec border crossing is a composite photo create by from a base image by Consumerist Dot Com via flickr (creative commons).

Gail Kiracofe

Born in Mishawaka, Indiana, Gail has moved around the country a lot and now lives in a retirement community in Virginia. She was a Marine Corps wife and worked for the Girl Scouts in Georgia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. She takes lots of Life Long Learning classes, and continues to hone her writing skills.

  1. Eileen Dight

    Gail, I think you’re going to meet a lot of friends in Canada if things turn out the way they are heading.

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