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President Obama cutting up with Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State

Joe, we love ya, but please don’t run for president.

You are the man when it comes to defense and foreign affairs. You were there for the Bosniaks in 1994 when Clinton was timid, but you were wrong in 2006 when you voted for the Iraq war. Yet, we should have listened in 2006 when you wanted Iraq split into the three ethnic areas as it is today. Our troops might be home, the Islamic State probably wouldn’t exist and millions of refugees might be at home.

You were the man on justice for victims of domestic violence, against Bork and Thomas, assault weapons, hate and sex crimes, and privacy, but it was your bill that expanded the death penalty and helped fill our prisons with three strikes you get life.

You’ve been for us on climate change and energy. On worker’s rights, civil rights and women’s rights. Had you not come out on gay rights in 2012, who knows how long it would have taken for President Obama and Secretary Clinton to follow?

You were the man for the unemployed in 2010 and helped saved us from the fiscal cliff in 2012, but for 36 years you were the senator from the state that is the mosh pit for the abusive credit card banks and it was your despicable bill that made it so much harder for people to discharge credit cards under bankruptcy during our Great Recession.

Joe, you were always like us. You never forgot where you were from. You never got rich. You used mass transit every day to work. You publicly endured the most heart wrenching tragedies and still suffered on. You have been a part of some great things and most of us don’t remember the bad. Right now we laugh at your gaffes.

We love ya, man, but don’t run. You are on top, well, next to the top. You got an Amtrak station named after you, for gawd’s sake. You can do almost anything next, but win a presidential election and still be loved.

Author’s note: much of the fact checking of my memory referenced and used in this story was from Joe Biden’s Wikipedia page and following quite a few footnotes. Image: President Obama cutting up with Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Jan. 30, 2012 by Pete Souza via The White House flickr photo stream - official government work/public domain.    
Lee Leslie

Lee Leslie

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