he has a dream

Image of two boys peeing off Stone Mountain

Fifty-two summers ago, Martin Luther King challenged our nation with these words: “Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.”

Today, some dream of placing a freedom bell on that mountain.

I have another dream today:

I have a dream that one fine day a little black boy and a little white boy will stand together side by side on top of Stone Mountain;

I have a dream that on that day they will pee together down the face of Stone Mountain;

I have a dream that their pee will flow together down the face of that mountain and stain the graven images of three men who dreamed a dream that was a nightmare;

I have a dream those graven images will dissolve away and this nation will wake from that nightmare;

I have a dream . . .

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Image: Composite image created for LikeTheDew.com - base image of Stone Mountain via Wikipedia.org (Public Domain).
Julian Riggs Smith

Julian Riggs Smith

Although I have kept a home in New Hampshire for fifty years and have been a town councilor there for more than ten years, I was born in Louisiana, grew up there and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, graduated Tulane, began my full-time teaching career in Alabama, ended it forty years later in Florida, and have had a home on Saint Simons Island since 1993.