filled with magic

sound of musicCan you read that title without humming a tune?  I can’t but I can state definitively that I am not overjoyed by warm woolen mittens or snowflakes on my nose or eyelashes.  In fact I hate the cold. But to answer the burning question at hand, Nancy, what are your favorite things?

Is there anything better than a full tank of gas?  I still love that feeling of endless roads ahead when I pull away from the pumps. Looking at the dial all the way over on Full feels like an invitation to get lost, wander, and get far from the familiar.  Usually I am just headed to work but the magic remains.

What about an unscratched or unchecked lottery card? Where else can you buy so much hope and so many dreams for just a dollar? Planning how I will spend the wealth is an opportunity to feel generous and to imagine all the happiness that money can buy. So many dreams for a single buck. There just cannot be a more magical bargain.

I love those increasingly rare times when my girls are all here. All those chicks, back in the nest. What could be better? When I look back over my adult life the best nights were those when I turned off the lights and locked the door and knew in my heart that we were all safe until tomorrow.

Going to the mailbox.  I guess this one really marks me as relic.  I still go with a little expectation that there will be a letter or a check or some other fantastic news for me.  I cannot remember the last letter or good news that arrived via the USPS but I remain optimistic.

Having the money to pay the bills. Way too many times this has not been the case and I am in love with the peace of mind it brings. I have the same happiness at the grocery store. For many years I had to keep a tally in my head so as not spend more money than I had.  I do not go crazy buying lobster or imported cheeses but I still feel a smile inside when I know that I could if I wanted to.

Rain on the roof. Not the romantic or nostalgic kind of rain, but the gully washer, dogs and cats type of rain. It makes me happy to know that I have a good watertight roof. I have lived in houses where water ran down the inside walls in sheets and dripped from the light fixtures.  The morning after a big rain I check out the ceilings and feel happy.

Big game hunting. Before you call PETA let me explain.  I love hunting down a bargain. The perfect thing, discounted beyond belief is my version of bagging a big one. The adrenalin rush has to be superior to killing some poor creature. And Lord have mercy, the residual little thrill each time you wear that big game. I have been known to leave the tag on just to marvel at my shopping prowess. Unlike the late, great Minnie Pearl, I wear the tag inside or tuck it into a pocket.

It took me a while to get here. By here I mean happy. Happy with what I now have and once upon a time did not. Happy with some things that have always made me happy. That full tank of gas has been giving me pleasure for over 40 years. And I realize that without those dreadful times when money was so scarce I would be missing some happiness today.  I also know that one cannot truly appreciate a sound roof unless your life has included a leaky one.  Maybe I should be embarrassed that my favorite things don’t include more glamorous, luxury items. Perhaps you think I have led a miserable, poor life. But you would be dead wrong. My life is and always has been filled with magic.

Image: Julie Andrews - a screen shot from the movie, “The Sound of Music” (Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation / A Robert Wise Production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s)
Nancy Melton

Nancy Melton

Nancy Melton has recently added "writer" to her biography. She works in the health insurance industry which has somehow become public enemy number one these days. She is proudest of her role as a wife, mother and grandmother (although writer comes dang close) and wishes she could still claim to be someone's daughter.

  1. Wonderful, Nancy. Thank you for beginning the New Year for all of us with such a delightful read. cheers

  2. Eileen Dight

    Nancy, all the items on your list are the same as mine! To the smallest detail. I would add ” reading something uplifting” and you just supplied that too.

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