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Cochran's Mississippi Victory

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Too aligned with the Democrats?

In the Tea Partiers denunciations of the Republicans, in the aftermath of Cochran’s victory in Mississippi, it keeps coming out that they see the Republicans as altogether too much like the Democrats, and too much working with them.


Here we have a Republican opposition in Congress that has made the president’s failure its top priority from Day One, trying to keep him from accomplishing anything– not even CARING what kind of outcome would be best for the nation.

Here we have a Republican Party that has disgracefully usurped power through their unprecedented abuse of the filibuster, creating minority rule, contrary to the how the Constitution would have the Senate, and thwarting the will of the people in choosing THIS man to play the very necessary role of president.

Never in the history of the nation have we had an opposition that was so little in league with the other party and its president.

It’s easy to prove how remarkably little cooperation the Democrats have had from the Republicans. The evidence shows that this is the least productive Congress in memory. By a goodly margin.

When I ran for Congress two years ago, I could denounce the incumbent as part of the do-nothing obstructionist Congress, failing to do the nation’s business at a time of challenge.

But, as it turned out, we hadn’t seen nothing yet: compared to the present Congress, that one was one of high achievement.

The Republicans in both Houses — and not just the Tea Party types — have been so uncompromising and so uninterested in making our government work well that they’re setting records for obstructionism.

Indefensibly oppositional, contrary to the spirit of the system our Founders gave us.

That ugly truth is right before our eyes.

But the Tea Partiers apparently are upset because they believe just the opposite of the blatant truth. They fail to see that what’s remarkable about the GOP is not the alignment with the Democrats of which the Tea Partiers accuse the so-called “RINOs,” of being, but that even the Establishment Republicans are determined to make the politics between the parties into outright political warfare.

The Tea Partiers like those quoted by Maddow the night after the election perceive these obstructionist Republicans — who treat this president with a contempt never before seen in the treatment of a president by the opposition — as betrayers of principle because they are too compromising, too much in alignment with the Democrats.

This unhinged view leads to the unhinged interpretation of why the black Democrats went for Cochran. Cochran, as they see it, is a RINO making common cause with the enemy.

Of course, there’s a way that the moderately extreme Republicans ARE more like the Democrats: the so-called Establishment Republicans — remember, that includes Karl Rove, so we are not talking about good guys — are not interested in bringing the house down upon us all.

These Establishment Republicans want things to at least be functioning, because they want to take over and run the place to suit themselves.

They are the party of the unjust peace, while the Tea Partiers are the party of outright war. To this ugly spirit, any kind of peace is a betrayal of the ethic of the mandatory holy war.

Image: Used Tea Bags by © Marilyn Barbone licensed by LikeTheDew.com at fotolia.com
Andy Schmookler

Andy Schmookler

Andy Schmookler -- who was the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia's 6th District in 2012 -- is the author most recently of WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST: The Destructive Force at Work in Our World-- and How We Can Defeat It.