his katrina?

atlanta snow 2014What is it with Republican governors and traffic jams? Up in New Jersey, we’ve got Chris Christie’s staff ordering up some “traffic problems” for Fort Lee, perhaps as a prank, and in Atlanta, Georgia, we’ve got Nathan Deal and the Mayor of Atlanta hosting each other at lunch while the traffic all around the city flops around in slush.

The weatherman accounts for people abandoning their cars, leaving their children sleeping in the gym at school and taking refuge for themselves on the floors of grocery stores as a “policy failure.” Governor Deal explains himself as not wanting “to cry wolf” and fearing the loss of income on a 20% chance of all the roads freezing.

Of course, it is a matter of fact that people stuck in traffic jams for hours don’t cost the state government anything. Wasting people’s time has no line in the state budget. It’s not possible to count what you don’t collect. But wouldn’t it be nice if we had a scale to measure inconveniences caused by public servants and make it public policy to fire the worst offenders?

Image: by William Brawley from his flickr photostream and used under creative commons license.

Monica Smith

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