stoop to their level

GOP - Kicked 1Is being obnoxious catching? My email in-box is currently featuring messages with the following headings:

Beat the snot out of them.


I’m here to kick some Tea Party ass.

Those are from Democracy for America, which long ago lost its class. Ignoring them has had no effect. It’s just getting worse.

The Democratic Party down in D.C. is no better. From them I got a letter, with a cute non-profit postage stamp (better than nothing, I guess), warning me that if I don’t open the envelope


Since I don’t take well to threats, it will go into the trash unopened. Where do they get such chutzpah? Never mind that Ted Cruz, with a mere nine months of senating under his belt is riding for a fall on the nullification hobby horse and McConnell from Kentucky has been in the saddle far too long. If the Tea Party doesn’t take him down, Alison Lundergan Grimes will.

Btw, the Tea Party people have a valid gripe. The Capitol Hill Gang have been practicing extortion to the point they’ve become experts. Where the Tea Party goes wrong is that they haven’t yet figured out how its done — how the exception works to allocate privilege without leaving a trace.

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Monica Smith

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