write this, granny

This is by my grandson Jake who is seven. We were playing and he spontaneously asked me to “Write this, Granny.” He spells quite well, but this encouraged the flow. Perhaps I will dictate it back to him and use his spelling. More fun than homework.

It makes me wonder if there is a gap in the market for a Junior on line blog of children’s writing. The world is full of proud grandparents. I hope you find this entertaining.  – Eileen.

I will live with Granny and I’ll have a mansion and a farm and a lot of money and Comcast.  I’ll have a flat screen TV and pictures of Bruno Mars and Obama and Daddy and Mommy and Connor and Gianna and Clay and Scot and a picture of Granny.

We’ll have a large garden with flowers, pumpkins, vegetables, fruit and costumes for the farm animals on Halloween and Granny will be a Princess.

Jake and his brother Connor gardening

We’ll have a dog named Lilly and a cat named Leo and I’ll have two kids, a boy and a girl.  The girl’s name is Lucy and the boy’s name is Daniel.

We’re going to have a Circus and a Zoo.

We’re going to invent flying cars, have a fireplace and iPads and all those electronics.  The horse’s name that’s in our barn is Noble.  Granny will have a quad bike and I will have a Jeep.  I’m going to learn to play the guitar and the piano and we’ll sing in the evenings.  Our life is beautiful.

Our chicken’s name will be Chicken Licken.  We’ll have a cheetah trained not to bite and his sharp teeth have been cut off.

I’ll have a friend named Bob and Granny will have a friend named Sarah.

We’ll have a lot of different plants and trees and our kitchen will be huge.  We both like the same kind of cabinets and tiling.  We’ll have a pee mat so that Lilly cannot pee on the carpet.

I’ll be the President and Granny will be the First Grandmother.  And I’ll have a wife named Kylie and we’ll live in California.

Connor will live in Alaska in a dump truck with a wife named Skunk.

And I’ll have abs.

The End.

Eileen Dight

Eileen Dight

Eileen Dight is a retired British specialist on trading in Spain, now resident in Ireland. Spanish- and French- speaking, graduate (at 46) of International Politics and History; former editor, interpreter and fundraiser. Her five sons and twelve grandchildren live in four different Time zones around the world. She has lived in England, Wales, Spain, France and Virginia, North America for 11 years. In 2012 she self-published her memoir Plate Spinner and Only Joking, 200 pages of collected jokes categorized for easy reference, as well as What’s On My Mind, her first 50 essays published in Like The Dew. All available on Amazon.com.