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Those hosting last year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte filed a report with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department for items missing or stolen during the week long convention totaling nearly half a million dollars, according to Steve Harrison in today’s Charlotte Observer:

“The Democratic National Convention Committee said it recently sent the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department a spreadsheet detailing $496,000 worth of missing equipment. CMPD created an incident report in May.

“Among the missing items: MacBook Pro laptops, iPads, iPod Nanos, computer printers, and BlackBerrys.

“‘It’s commonplace for stuff to go missing,” said Joseph Sandler, a Washington, D.C., attorney handling media calls about the issue for the DNC host committee. “This is very typical, even though we have an inventory system.’

“Sandler said he thought the Charlotte losses were higher than usual because of planners prepping two sites for the three-day convention: Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium.”

“It wasn’t like someone backed up a tractor-trailer and loaded up a bunch of stuff,” said Murrey.
“It wasn’t like someone backed up a tractor-trailer and loaded up a bunch of stuff,” said Murrey.

The two venues are about three miles from each other and Sandler did not comment on the rumors that staffers were seen wandering for days aimlessly up and down Charlotte’s Tryon Street desperately in search of either venue. One such planner was told just this week that the convention was over months ago was heard to say, “What a relief. Do you know where I can return my BlackBerry?”

Sandler did not respond to Faux News allegations that DNC staffers, “couldn’t find their backside with a flashlight and a road map” and that “a significant number of staff confused the ‘Char’ and ended up in Charleston and Charlottesville” adding more fuel to the fire that Democrats are somehow wayward and without a sense of direction.

A total of 841 pieces of equipment were reported missing. For some, including Dan Murrey, the host committee’s chair, this was cause for celebration. “My employees returned most of what they were given,” said Murrey.

That the filing the police report occurred some 9 months after the fact didn’t seem to ruffle any DNC feathers. This formality was a necessity required for insurance purposes. Apparently you can have your “cake” and eat it too.

No word from Tampa as to what, besides the actual election, was lost during the Republican convention there.

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Michael J. Solender

Michael J. Solender

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