2 Middle Fingers Up

Potomac-Pork-Dinner-TheatreJohnny “Bo-Bo” Boehner and Barack “O-man” Obama have done it again, once more on a nationally extended prime time stage. At the behest of their Big Casino puppet masters they’ve created a melodrama more compelling than “The Real Houseboys of Capitol Hill”, more comic than “Gimme Some Honey, Bo-Bo” and more horrifying than “Saw This: The K Street Crimes.”

Back when Big Koch Productions first took over Potomac Pork it was not immediately clear that the creative model for future presentations would be World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but the theatrical styling and the White Hat/Black Hat faux conflict approach has bedazzled and enchanted the American public. As one wag put it: “The stupid just gets deeper and deeper.”

And from curtain rise to curtain call, we get what we paid for: a grand show of folly and vituperation that cleverly manipulates the audience from all sides of the aisle into believing they got something they wanted and that heroic efforts went into making it happen. But like the bank bail out, the Hagel nomination, and eff-all else that Ronnie Reagan paved the way for with the performance of a lifetime, it’s all just a grand illusion.

It’s a story of greed, corruption and the triumph of unregulated capitalism, wherein an entire nation is lost at sea, castaway on an island without food or resources, and only the biggest and the strongest eat well; The Amazing Race For Big Brother’s Other Thigh might well be the final chapter.

It takes a strong stomach to watch to the denouement, but television, the media and the entertainment business in general have been preparing us for a long time, like a turkey brining before the Thanksgiving feast. At the risk of repeating someone, the stupid just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

But if you like to be played like a whorehouse piano, be sure to catch the ongoing performances. It’s a hell of a show.

I give it two middle fingers up.

Spoiler Alert:  You lose in the end.

Image: Created for LikeTheDew.com - base image of the Chicago Theatre by Raymon Sutedjo (public domain) via Wikimedia Commons.
Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman doesn't share much personal information not because he doesn't like or trust you personally, but because some of those people reading over your shoulder are just whacked. He's been everywhere, but he lives in NE FL and is fond of saying, "It's not the heat, it's the stupidity."

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  1. Farce is offered as reality. Windbags look in mirrors and see Hamilton or Jefferson. The inmates dominate the news, even on NPR and PBS. Thanks for the satire. We need more of it. The alltime low might be the blowhard Graham rudely interrupting the police chief speaking in favor of background checks prior to buying assault weapons, an encore of his shrill, tasteless cross-examination of Hagel.

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