first-day-hikesAmerica’s State Parks Association is sponsoring a first day hike in which all fifty states will participate. Texas, being a big state, has forty five venues on offer, while Georgia is promoting twenty sites with a variety of inducements:

“First Day” Along with a Little Luck Hike / 10 AM to 12 PM
UnicoiUnicoi State Park – Helen, GA
Welcome the New Year with a 2 1/2-mile moderate hike around Unicoi Lake. Finish the trail at our campfire ring where hikers can add a little luck to their year by enjoying a small meal of black eyed peas, greens, and pork cooked in Dutch ovens over an open fire. Register in advance. $5 parking. 706-878-2201 ext. 305.

Missouri is offering programs at thirteen parks, including the Dr. Edmund A.Babler Memorial Park near St. Louis.

Generations of Missourians have passed through Dr. Edmund A. Babler’s Memorial State Park’s massive stone gateway for cookouts and family get-togethers or to spend time with friends. The park’s camping facilities, Civilian Conservation Corps architecture, and hiking, bicycling and equestrian trails help all visitors find their place to get away from it all, just minutes from St. Louis.

Meanwhile, poor Louisiana seems able to manage guided hikes at just two of its parks. But, they are free.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to have a park to hike. Wherever you are, get out of the house for an hour and perambulate.


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  1. I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year than to go for a refreshing hike in a beautiful park!

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