Happy, Beautiful Children

daisy-petalsIt was upon hearing that one of the little girls killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School had loved being a Daisy Girl Scout that my heart finally shattered completely. Only one half of the troop survived, the report said. Until then I’d only cried, “Jesus, Jesus, why?”; soaked boxes of tissues, and watched in horror as the story unfolded on TV.

I’d spent a lifetime working for the Girl Scouts, had been there when Daisies were added to the age levels, even questioning if girls younger than Brownies could benefit from the programs. But this little girl had loved the Daisies. Benefit enough. I couldn’t push the picture of my first visit to a Daisy troop from my head. Happy, beautiful children. Now obliterated by an unspeakable image.

I’ve always thought it ludicrous that the Constitution is held up as the basis for the right to bear arms. That was then. This is now. Times change. Times have changed. For God’s sake, let’s amend it! It’s been done before.

More ludicrous – arm the teachers. “If only the principal had had a weapon.” I picture her packing a couple of six shooters on her hips as she patrols the halls. Are you nuts?

I just hope that, finally, the people rise up and take America back. That we stand together and wrest control away from the big money interests that are holding us hostage to gun laws that benefit their financial gain…

… not the interests of little girls who love being Daisy Girl Scouts.

Image: from Girl Scout Troop 14664 (fair use).

Gail Kiracofe

Born in Mishawaka, Indiana, Gail has moved around the country a lot and now lives in a retirement community in Virginia. She was a Marine Corps wife and worked for the Girl Scouts in Georgia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. She takes lots of Life Long Learning classes, and continues to hone her writing skills.

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  1. Frank Povah

    “That was then. This is now.” Hey Gail, never were truer words spoken. Your Founding Fathers were people, not deities, with all the frailties and foibles that entails. They said – or some did – that your wonderful Constitution was not a perfect document but rather the result of compromise, because to be anything other would have involved argument for all eternity.

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