Email Between Friends

This first poem is what I received from an arch-Republican (who probably pays less than 13.9% tax) who loved to dish it out for the last 4 years, sending me dire warnings about fake birth certificates, Muslim prayer rugs in the white house, socialism, and runaway spending — but now wants to stifle any post-election glee by the Dems. The second verse is my response.

To all my Democratic friends:

The election is over,
the talking is done.
My party lost,
your party won.
So let us be friends,
let arguments pass.
I’ll hug my elephant,
you kiss your ass.

A long suffering Democrat responds:

Oh if only it were so easy!
My pampered, fat cat friend.
The election is surely over,
But the reckoning must now begin.

The bigoted lies and slander
Of the Fox “news” propaganda machine
Must one by one be dismantled
Before the slate can begin to be wiped clean

You called him a Muslim socialist,
Said he was born on a foreign shore,
Then blamed him for job loss and deficits,
Caused while your crowd was minding the store.

When you saw your game wasn’t working,
that the public was unwilling to be fooled again,
You tried to buy,even steal, the election,
Telling your candidate to say anything to win.

Karl Rove and his Super-PAC backers
Tried to suppress the right to vote
But the courts quickly declared unlawful
The new laws your puppet politicians wrote.

So now that the votes have been counted,
Your hundreds of millions went for naught
Your pawns and plans were defeated,
Leaving you stunned the election couldn’t be bought.

So not so fast, Mr. One-tenth-of-one-percenter!
The 99 will not begin to relax
Until we make sure we’ve served you
With a bill for your fair share of tax!

Image: promotional photo from The Sawhorse Ranch (please visit).

Hamp Skelton

Hamp Skelton is an Austin, Texas, lawyer who grew up in Atlanta.