A Mean Clown

When Rachel Maddow introduced a segment of her show about four unknown United States Senators, who recently voted to deep six legislation to provide additional support for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars coming home to unemployment, she started out by saying most people probably don’t know who these men (they are all men) are.

I know who John Boozman is because I’ve been paying attention ever since the establishment-favorite Blanche Lincoln was selected in the Democratic primary in Arkansas in 2010 and then replaced by the newcomer, John Boozman because, as Howard Dean rightly pointed out, when voters have a choice between a fake Democrat and a real Republican, they vote for the latter.

Well, now it turns out that Boozman isn’t a real Republican, either — not if Republicans stand for honorable and trustworthy behavior. Because, you see, Boozman didn’t just vote against help for veterans, he helped construct the legislation and THEN he voted against letting it come up for a vote by the whole Senate.

US Senator John "Bozo" Boozman (R-AR)
US Senator John “Bozo” Boozman (R-AR)

What makes a person so mean? Did kids call Boozman “Bozo” when he was in school and that put a chip on his shoulder he can’t shake off even now that he’s all grown up and a United States Senator, to boot? Or do they just raise some mean people down Arkansas way? After all, Blanche Lincoln seems to think keeping pollutants out of the air and the water and contaminants out of food is a bad idea. So, she’s gone to work for the National Association of Small Business to lobby for rescinding health and safety standards.

Of course, it’s not just Arkansas. After all, the Republican party’s presidential nominee comes to us from Mexico, via Michigan and Massachusetts and he’s got no use for 47% of the American people, and little use for the 52% that aren’t in the 1% that really matters — the 1% that’s endowed with the gift of gab to talk people out of what they need and that’s obsessed with accumulating as much money as they can get for themselves to hide their general incompetence.

For, yes, that’s the big secret. The people accumulating lots of our money for themselves and their friends by jiggering the laws to their advantage are, for the most part, practically incompetent. They’re good at telling other people what to do, but they’re not good at doing anything with their hands. They can talk. But, that’s about all.

Will another three month delay is setting up a program to help veterans make a whole lot of difference to the people whose despair is leading them to commit suicide at a rate of one every 80 minutes? Not likely. But, although the four turncoats, Boozman of Arkansas, Johanns of Nebraska, Burr of North Carolina and Toomey of Pennsylvania are not on the ballot in 2012, their perfidy needs to be remembered and the pattern of deceit that has infected the Republican party needs to be an issue this November. Public officials, including Senators, take an oath to uphold the Constitution and serve the American people. When they then vote to deprive those they are pledged to serve, that’s a double cross. That the unjust steward already made an appearance in the New Testament merely tells us we have to be alert and throw them out whenever they show up.

It’s an old story and the remedy is always the same. Crooks aren’t easy to recognize ahead of time, but why you do, throw them out.

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Monica Smith

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