Ignorance or Magical Thinking

A friend was getting abused for her liberal thinking. Facebook “friends” were relentless in their bullying, minimizing her relevance, and denigrating her personally. She ultimately made a more peaceful existence online by un-friending them. She is a wise and good person. A college professor with a huge heart, and intellect to match. This was truly upsetting to her, and she decided to let it go and live in peace, while noting that they treat me differently. It is not just because I give as good as I get. I try to be reasoned, respectful and logical. Here’s how I answered her:

Trust me, I get my share, although it comes from the pros like Hannity and Boortz, not former classmates. Because I work in politics and study this stuff, they are afraid to challenge me. My theory is that they know deep down that theirs is an id-driven compulsion to repeat lies that attempt to hold women and minorities down and build themselves up. Frankly, I can understand the fear that old white guys have–the world really is changing. It’s the women Tea Partiers that I don’t get. Maybe it’s just to scary to contemplate a world where men don’t have to take care of you.

Romney pulling a rabbit out of a magicians hatThere is no reasoning with them. As you can see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPsl_TuFdes, I showed them the video evidence of one of their supreme leaders calling for voter suppression, but they couldn’t hear it. I have a friend here, Drew Westen, who is a neuro-scientist at Emory, and is the author of a marvelous book called The Political Brain. He says open-minded people are few and far between, and that we will always stretch to believe ideas that support our closely held positions. Frankly, it’s pretty damn depressing. It is a willful ignorance that makes them think they can depress the vote and call it fraud protection, or say the president is letting welfare recipients not work. They know very well the depths of their lies. If not ignorance, it is worse: wishful, even magical thinking.

On an up-note, I’m just back from Charlotte where I saw Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton speak, and I am fairly well convinced that this last gasp of good ol’ boy (and girl) power will lose to the new demographic coalition of youth, color and ethnic and sexual diversity. As the young woman said to her father when he asked how she could possibly vote for a black president in 2008, “Oh, Daddy, he’s only half black, just like your grandchildren will be!”

This is not to say they are not armed and dangerous. The Secret Service knows it. You should see the security in Charlotte.

So, forget the closed-minded morons, this is their last hurrah. The world is moving on without them.

Regarding the IndieGoGo ask for Progressive Voices, it would sure help if you’d share it on FB and send it to your email list. My worst fear is that we are too late, and talk radio and Fox News will poison a new generation’s minds. We must not let that happen.

Lots of Love,

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Jon Sinton

Jon Sinton

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