Sweet Harry

Senate Majority Leader, Harry ReidIf you assume that Harry Reid knows what he is talking about, then who is “Deep Tax?”

Harry Reid, the current Majority Leader in the United States Senate, is a cautious man. In fact, when it comes to standing up to the Republican machine, he is out and out timid. There could be no more unlikely source for the “Romney paid no taxes” charge than sweet Harry.

This timidity of nature, by itself, is enough to make me believe Reid isn’t bluffing. I think he knows whereof of which he speaks. If so, who is his mysterious source? Or sources, as Reid has now stated he has “heard” this from numerous credible sources.

Who is “Deep Tax?”

There is one man who knows about Romney’s taxes prior to 2008, likes Harry Reid, respects the President and doesn’t either like or respect Mitt Romney. Who is that man? John McCain is that man.

Remember, as big a blow out as the 2008 Presidential election was, had McCain picked Romney instead of Palin as his VP, McCain might well have beaten Obama. That is not a pipe dream, poll after poll illustrated that many voters inability to believe Palin was capable of being President forced them to vote for Obama or not vote. There were enough of these anti Palin voters who might otherwise have voted for McCain to have changed the outcome in many swing states.

Further, in 2008, the economy, and the terror everyone felt about its dire condition, would have made Romney a perfect VP selection. Romney would have been the only person on either ticket who had a clue. He, theoretically, would have had more credibility on the subject than any of the other three. I have spent years wondering why McCain passed up such an obvious choice and settled on Moose Woman.

While no one will ever be able to explain why he chose Moose Woman, why McCain did not select Romney may now be apparent. Maybe Romney hadn’t paid any federal income taxes in ten years. If he did, maybe the percentage of his income those taxes comprised was so small as to be infuriating to McCain and, if known, to the general public as well.

When it comes to his tax returns, Romney needs to put up and shut up.

In the meantime, I nominate Senator John McCain for the position of Deep Tax.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid Caricature: By DonkeyHotey from his flickr photostream and used under creative commons license.
Mike Copeland

Mike Copeland

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