Dog Days

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy –  Play Daddy is putting on his hat, his jacket, and shoes.  This means the gate on my yard gets opened as Play Daddy takes care of the birds.  I’m out, what wonderful smells.  Peanut shells, other animals, grasses, weeds, and leaves.  Play Daddy does not like me to chew on branches, weeds, and leaves so we have the most wonderful chases as he tries to separate me from these things I chew.  He is so slow I can run by within arms reach and he can’t grab me.  It is the most fun of the day.  My weakness is peanuts, I love peanuts.  So does Play Daddy.  When I see peanut shells flying I go running for the treat.  Of course that lures me into the fenced yard, but they are good and its worth getting penned.

I am a seven month old Boston Terrier, Tootsie, living with Play Daddy and Kissey Mom.  I have the run of the house and a wonderful doggie door that lets me out to a fenced yard where I do my duty, watch traffic on the road, scare birds and  bark at feral cats.

Mornings I wake up next to Play Daddy and head out for my morning duty, interrupted by Kissey Mom who picks me up and kisses the goodness out of me.  It tickles my tummy but she tastes so good.     When I come in I must fly down the hall and into bed to kiss Play Daddy until he gets out of bed.  Then its time to eat my breakfast and rest a while.  Play Daddy gets me into the car and we go for the newspaper.  At the Market I meet Farmer Bill who likes me and says “he’s a pretty little thing” and I give him a kiss and he gets all excited.

When we get home I check around the house for any unattended tissues,  napkins, or underwear.  I sniff all the pockets of clothes left around as I often find tissues that way. They create great chases thru the house.  Play Daddy and Kissey Mom are too slow to catch me but after I give them a run I finally surrender.

The sun is shining on my chair in the kitchen and I will jump up there to lie in the sun for my morning nap.  This afternoon I went out on a leash down the driveway.  I bite and hold on to the leash and pull one way and then the other but can’t get loose.  Then I try to walk faster than Play Daddy and kind of drag him along, trying to smell what’s on both sides of the driveway.  I don’t like the leash and I can’t wait till I drag Play Daddy back up the driveway and he turns me loose for a run.  Darn, where ever I go he is yelling “no, don’t go there, come here”.  I can ignore him because he can’t catch me and there is no punishment when I finally come back to the house.

After dinner things wind down, I nap on the couch between Kissey Mom and Play Daddy until I’m awakened and a poultry flavored brush is rubbed around in my mouth.  Last trip outside and into bed and under the covers.  There is a heater in bed and after a short time I need some cool air.  I get out and stretch out on a pillow, only later to scratch at the blanket to get it lifted and get back under.  I dream a lot but can never remember what they were about but being awake is a lot more fun.

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Stuart Liss

Retired Architect living in the Shenandoah Valley, VA.

  1. Good for you, Stu! I love this story. Good work!


    1. Gail,
      Thanks for your support.

  2. Great story, Stuart. Really enjoyed getting to know Tootsie best. Now start jogging so you can keep up! cheers

  3. Now I kniw that you two are really crazy……but love you anyway!

  4. Play Daddy is a really good writer and a great playmate.  Wish I had someone to warm up the bed for me.  Kissy Mommy sounds like a pain in the ass, but a good soul and definitely can be tolerated.  See you soo.  I’ll show this to Rita when she comes up.  Love Arlene

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