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Newt Gingrich at a political conference in Orlando, Florida.Newt Gingrich’s efforts to cast himself as the white knight cleaving through the murk of blacks leeching off government, exposed more than the seedy opportunistic side of  politics–It laid bare an electorate fueled by racist mores.

The interesting part about being a racist is the not so subtle manner in which you promote your racist dogma.  Most racists don’t believe they’re being anything other than truthful… denying the invocation of  racist diatribes creates a protective cloak against which repudiation rarely penetrates.  In fact, the views of the accusers are seen as more unpalatable than the accused’s invective.

Racism is itself as insidious and ingrained as lying.  As Coates puts it, “The habit of lying does not end with the racism itself. It is a contagion that extends to the defense of the initial lie.”  To wit:

People who are regularly complicit in wrong, are not in the habit of admitting such things. The unwillingness to admit wrong, the greedy claim upon the powers of disappointment,  the deep sense of injury is not coincidental–it is a necessary fact of wrong-doing. The charge that the NAACP are the actual racist is the descendant of the notion that abolitionists wanted to reduce Southern whites to “slavery,”  that the goal of civil rights was the rape of white women.That Barack Obama would have a “deep-seated hatred of white people” is not a new concept.

Those that commit acts of wrong doing never admit to the act because they are in fact not wrong–at least in their mind.  Their business is all about proudly basking in their racism– totally unfettered.  It is an inherent trait that fuels their ambition.

Newt Gingrich’s goal is gaining the republican nomination for presidency of the United States, and those people in South Carolina weren’t just acknowledging a gotcha moment from moderator Juan Williams– or a deft retort from Gingrich–they were proudly reaffirming their own racist reality.   The promulgation of racist narratives isn’t incidental, it’s coolly calculated strategy–and to many, a way of life.  That much is now apparent.

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Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

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