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Not to confer anything like super-hero status on the GOP frontrunner, but wow, that Mitt Romney, with his square jaw and graying-at-the-temples pompadour, bears a striking resemblance to Reed Richards, the Fantastic Four’s Mr. Fantastic, whose super power just happens to be a prodigious plasticity, the ability to contort himself into almost any shape a situation requires.

And. . . not to get too carried away with the Marvel Comics theme, but it’s not a big stretch to fill out the line-up: Newt Gingrich as Thing (“It’s clobberin’ time!”).  Michele Bachmann, no longer running as Invisible Woman. Rick Santorum as The Human Torch. Ron Paul the “dangerous” Dr. Doom. Jon Huntsman could be, well, The Huntsman, kind of like Wolverine without claws.

I’ll leave it to you folks to decide what character the Prez is.

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Noel Holston

Noel Holston

Noel Holston, originally from Laurel, Miss., is a freelance journalist, songwriter, storyteller and actor who lives in Athens, Ga., with his wife, singer-songwriter Marty Winkler. In a previous life, he was the TV critic at Newsday in New York and, before that, a critic and feature writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and The Orlando Sentinel.

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  1. Noel Holston

    No, I didn’t forget the Rick Perry is still in the race. It’s just that the character he recalls, Sandman, is more identified with Spider Man. Can’t be mixing up our comic books.

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