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GOP presidential candidate and Air Force veteran Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) continues to highlight his strong support from members of the armed forces as he hits the campaign trail following his third-place finish in Iowa. And the numbers continue to bear him out, according to research by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Paul has collected $95,567 in campaign contributions from individuals who listed their occupation as one of the branches of the US military or US Department of Defense. That’s more than any other current presidential contender, including, notably, President Barack Obama.

OpenSecrets Blog reported in September that, during the first few months of the presidential campaign, Paul was doing well among donors that are members of the military or US Department of Defense — better, in fact, than any other GOP presidential candidate. His figures still lagged slightly behind Obama, however, though only by a few thousands dollars.

This latest analysis updates those figures to cover the period between January to September 2011, and will be further updated to include the fourth quarter after the candidates file their year-end reports on Jan. 31.


Donor Obama Romney Gingrich Paul Santorum
National Guard $1,262 $0 $0 $4,068 $0
US Air Force $9,785 $4,400 $4,400 $23,736 $0
US Army $15,600 $3,500 $250 $24,503 $250
US Coast Guard $6,002 $0 $0 $3,716 $0
US Dept of Defense $27,613 $2,150 $0 $9,527 $0
US Marine Corps $1,700 $250 $0 $7,662 $0
US Military $200 $0 $0 $2,083 $0
US Navy $10,454 $3,000 $250 $20,272 $500
TOTAL $72,616 $13,300 $4,900 $95,567 $750
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Viveca Novak

Viveca Novak

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