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Southern Voters

Months of extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric from Mitt Romney and his GOP rivals seems to be taking its toll, with Hispanic voters going to President Obama in a landslide according to a new Pew Hispanic Center poll released today.

Despite overwhelming disapproval of his administration’s handling of illegal immigrants, President Obama still leads Mitt Romney 68 percent to 23 percent among Hispanics.

Romney recently told TIME Magazine that he wants “to do as well as [he] possibly could” among Hispanic voters; however, today’s poll shows Romney is highly unlikely to reach the record 40 percent share of the Hispanic vote George W. Bush attracted in 2004 and that he may well do far worse than the 31 percent share John McCain took in 2008.

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Josh Dorner

Josh Dorner

Josh Dorner is the Communications Director for the ThinkProgress war room. He brings four years of experience heading up communications strategy and media for all of the Sierra Club’s energy and global warming work, as well as its other federal legislative campaigns and political work. He also served as deputy communications director at the Clean Energy Works campaign. Prior to Sierra Club, Josh worked as an account executive at a PR firm that primarily served nonprofits, independent film distributors, and other arts projects. Josh graduated from Grinnell College with honors degrees in political science and French. He also holds a master of science in European politics and governance from the London School of Economics.

  1. Well, Hispanic voters aren’t “illegals,” are they?  The notion that ethnicity should be equated with empathy has no basis in fact.  It’s more likely that achievers of all stripes will discount anyone who’s not fared as well for the simple reason that one person’s failure makes another’s success look better, if relative status is something people care about.
    If people want something inconsequential to natter about, the weather is probably preferable to political polls.

  2. nice try making victims of hispanics…………….this column could have said all voters don’t like republican canidates Cain or Bush.   Stop using hispanics for political purposes………….

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