Economic Mess

When the 2012 elections finally roll around, Obama will very likely keep the White House. Why? Because the Republicans keep driving the economy down giving help and services to the top 1 percent while the middle class – the voters – are forgotten. Once again Americans will look to our weaker dominate party to fix things, when they can’t even agree amongst themselves.

Since taking back in power in 2010, the Republicans are still talking about stopping so-called “Obamacare,” and making abortion and immigration illegal. While they are talking a great deal, they are doing very little about their key issues and few Americans seem to care.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have been pushed further and further to the right to win conservative voters. Rather than looking out for the average guy, they too court the big corporations. Sure, they talk about us. They still have a few union friends and pretend to stick up for the minorities. But they too are doing very little to fight for the majority of Americans.

Politicians need to wake up to the fact that the American people are still talking about jobs. Obama gave us a very centrist jobs bill, but the point of it is very clearly to help him get re-elected. The jobs it creates will run out in 2013. Many of his Republican would-be replacements seem to think that mirroring the environmental protections, workers rights and education of most third world countries would be the best jobs plan. However, not many Americans are willing to fight for a job making $3 an hour, seven days a week.

It has been said before, but now more than ever it seems clear that what we are doing just isn’t working. The fact is that America’s political parties are not able to represent the average American. They have proven this time and time again. The Occupy Wall Street movement is likely the largest evidence, although through all of their efforts, not much real change is taking place. Yes there is the corporate backed Tea Party, but if they were as powerful and anti-government as they like to see themselves, more Libertarians would have been elected back in 2010, not more Republicans.

If America really wants progress, maybe it is time for our politicians to look at the issues voters are looking at – unemployment and under employment. These two issues stem from our nation’s failing education, health care, trade, green technology/technology in general, and other principles that build a sound economy.

Focusing on moral issues will not create jobs. Hot ticket items such as whom may marry whom and the legality of abortion are important, but without a sound economy they are fights for a country with no future.

Our Founding Fathers were not setting up a government to give power and control to the top 1 percent, they were about freedom and economy. They didn’t want to start wars or be the world police, they wanted a place where they could raise their crops and their families in peace. Unlike what the Tea Party would like us to think, there were strong arguments between them, but over all they were for progress and the greater good of the nation. This seems to be a stark contrast to many in leadership today.

We need new politics for this new frontier we have found ourselves in. Not one of land, but one of science and technology – one of progress.

Editor's Note: This article, America's Failed Political System E. David Ferriman was originally published November, 16, 2001, at Economy In Crisis. and is published here by Creative Commons ShareALike 3.0 License Photo Credit: Campus Progress / Creative Commons
E. David Ferriman

E. David Ferriman

A graduate of Franklin University with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Communications, E. David Ferriman is President/Director of Digital Communications for Economy In Crisis.