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Non-union shops aren’t getting gigsfor the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina next year, and that makes some people sad. Guess who?

As the Democratic National Convention gets rolling in Charlotte, the tensions between the party’s labor allies and North Carolina’s fiercely anti-labor political and business leaders remains on the surface. This his has become an issue in the mayor’s race there, and local businesspeople are beginning to complain publicly of being shut out of business by the Convention’s preference for union shops, which may in some cases come from out of state. – Ben Smith at

Charlotte, North Carolina, site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention
Charlotte, North Carolina, site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention

But it’s a free market! And free markets dictate that buyers get to choose their sellers based on whatever criteria is relevant to them, whether it’s price, convenience, environmental impact, labor conditions, or whatever. And in this case, the Democratic Party shouldabsolutely send its considerable business to companies that treat their workers right and allow them to organize.

I mean, could you imagine the DNC giving business to this guy? Democrats “are trying their best to set North Carolina up to unionize it, but it will fail because unions are a dying establishment,” Webb complained. “Unions are nothing more than a social experiment.”  – Ben Smith at

Or this guy?

“If they want to pick some left-wing staunch Democrat that’s fine,” he said. “I put three months into this. That’s where I get the chafed backside.” – Ben Smith at

Dumbass should’ve realized that maybe, just maybe, if he’s out to exploit his employees, he should’ve skipped bidding on this particular gig? And if you’re going to whine about “left-wing” anything, maybe he should’ve spent his time watching Glenn Beck instead? In any case, I’m out of time. I’ve got to go apply for the RNC’s communication director spot, so I can then whine and bitch when I don’t get the job. Editor’s Note: This story originally published Friday, November 4, 2011 at

Kos Moulitsas

Kos Moulitsas

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