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So, I’m reading an article on a blog where yet another Internet yowler (a category I cheerfully inhabit) is baffled by the Big Casino’s support of Herman Cain.  Context:  “But wait, isn’t the ‘right’ supposed to be racist?”

I’ve never clapped eyes on Cain in real life, never had a conversation with him, know nothing about him except his propensity to trip over his tongue and champion methods of worsening the American condition. I have, however, met hundreds of men and women like him, successful, authoritative, educated without empathy or understanding, confident and amazed at the breadth and depth of their own ability. All oblivious to others and protected from the unfortunate by their own favored circumstance.  Many have had humble beginnings yet ignore the plight of others in similar situations. Florida’s Rick Scott, who lived in public housing as a child, comes to mind.

Just one more clockwork empty dark suit in the long line of politicians tramping up the country, the likes of whom I’ve always had trouble taking seriously.  People who wish to “serve” the public after first having sated themselves on the best of the buffet.  They practice Darwinism while preaching Divinity.

I don’t understand why nobody “gets” that having a black candidate does not absolve the GOP of racism; it’s the most base and cynical form, and it is perfect cover for taking down another powerful African-American whom they would set him against. You could hear the sharp collective intake of Republican breath when Obama won the election.

When the Southern Democrats co-opted the GOP as a result of Nixon’s “Southern” strategy, the GOP got all the tones and ambiguities of generations of acculturation resulting from hundreds of years of racial suppression. That included all the subtle discriminations and social manners that went along the Scarlett O’Hara culture, including the tendency to respect individual members of other tribes, but not the tribe, as an entity.  An unanticipated outcome, I expect.

Has everyone forgotten that Africans selling Africans to slavers was a “market driven” phenomenon? Do they not know that successful “masters” have always given certain of their chattel privilege in return for spying and exerting power in their behalf?  There are opportunists in all segments of society; yet we seldom hear about those Jews who betrayed their own tribe to the Nazis, either. There are thousands of Americans of all ilk willing to wallow in hubris.

Like Ringling and Barnum before them, the GOP trundles forth its quadrennial freak show to suss the mood of the obliviot swing voters.  What flavor do they want this time?  The pig-faced boy? The bearded lady? Chocolate, vanilla, carmel or butterscotch? Nuts? Alien abductee?  (Fear not, Hispania, you shall have your own for Vice President, we know the <subordinate> importance of your vote; we have a Rubio in the wings, already schooled in the art of the lie).

It is perfectly understandable why Cain is where he is;  another modern version of  the type in thrall to power and mammon; buddy to the big bosses. Privilege is an expert seducer, and the more thoroughly we are seduced, the more we believe in our own grandeur. It’s fun to have money and power; it makes you different from the rest of the herd. The view is nicer from up there. Man cannot live on pizza alone. And flying whenever you wish without the TSA bullshit?  Priceless.

Liberals long for rationalism, forgetting those among us who wish to build dynasties and those who see no fault in needless taking, no matter the cost to others.

The Republican party blew up once before in a spectacular way because of their cynical disregard for the needs of the people at large.  They have wormed their way back by creating a plethora of factions of hate, setting business against individuals and this group against that.  They have destroyed public education even as they work tirelessly to dismantle all infrastructure not essential to product and service marketing or war-making.

Instead of working to govern, which, I seem to recall is why we elect, they work to destroy those whose interests are at odds with their own. But here’s something so devilishly wicked  it takes your breath: Setting Cain to “slay” his “brother”.

Wonderfully, darkly, Southern –and Biblical to boot.

You can read what set me off at this link:

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman

Glenn Overman doesn't share much personal information not because he doesn't like or trust you personally, but because some of those people reading over your shoulder are just whacked. He's been everywhere, but he lives in NE FL and is fond of saying, "It's not the heat, it's the stupidity."

  1. Noel Holston

    It’s a little over the top in places, Glenn, but overall this is the best analysis I’ve seen anywhere of the breathtaking cynicism at the heart of the Far Right’s embrace of Cain and its back story: how the GOP co-opted the Dixiecrats only to be eaten by them. And the sad, funny thing about the phenomenon is, I don’t think the candidate or most of his Tea Party troops recognize what’s going on. Self-righteousness is blinding.

  2. Beautifully written. I dare say you will not be attacked by anyone who takes the time to actually read the whole piece.
    You will, however, be attacked by those who do not understand the finer points of your effort.
    Your writing is clear without the mindless reductionism that passes for analysis today.
    As always, I myself say Cain’s behavior merely reinforces the mores of our moribund class-bound country; he is merely reflecting the behavior of the one percent, that he might get the nod.
    Skin color is bonus for the GOP, as Palin’s gender was; both won’t draw the hoped for votes and seems to be an upraised finger as much as anything else.

  3. Really, the issue is cluelessness. Cluelessness is not restricted by race or gender or age or ethnic affiliations. Neither, to our misfortune, is predatory behavior or for human predators to employ clueless people as decoys. Cain is a tool. The difference between him and money is that the dollar has no fingerprints.

  4. Terri Evans

    Can you hear the applause? I hope so. You deserve it, while Herman the Harasser deserves his history to be out-ed. By the way, I suspect “tripping over his tongue,” will be in my personal glossary as a special spin of phrase.

  5. Glenn-
    As usual, cogently said and on target.

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