Defending our Parks

Republicans and Democrats = RepcratsOur corporate-owned government seems variously intolerant of U.S. citizens utilizing their own parks in order to exercise first amendment rights to assemble to redress grievances, yet nary a peep do we hear from same regarding a major foreign-owned propaganda campaign set up in the heart of our publicly-owned broadcast sector (this refers to the obvious fact that Fox – Faux- News is a transparently biased, pro-corporate misinformation operation).

Another parallel we could draw is that great resources are spent to prevent entry or expel poor foreigners (illegals? aliens?) from our nation yet, nary a peep again, when a foreign billionaire saunters in and commandeers a major media outlet, fanning ignorance and bigotry and distorting our political process. I think there might be some peeping if the foreign association were, rather than a pro-capitalist ideologue, a more or less objective presence (compared to U.S. media) such as say, Al-jazeera or perhaps Britain’s The Guardian.

The slogan 1% and 99% is imperfect since it is actually the ideologue-faction of the top 20% and their deluded co-conspirators co-opting our Democracy. But it is brilliant short-hand for discussing and highlighting just how important and “classified” class is in the U.S. To raise questions about equity and fairness, distribution of wealth and political influence is to set off a knee-jerk chorus of “class warfare” from the ubiquitous brownshirt punditry. But the short-hand finesses the usual media censorship-by-omission, reaching many who know in their hearts but rarely find pundit confirmation that the game is rigged by… the 1%.

I know a guy who stands on Peachtree Street sometimes, holding up signs that if you could leisurely read, and have him explain, you still might not get. I’ve tried to refer him to the useful word succinct but he just looks at me, as perplexed as I am about his message. Now I’ve got an example of how to reach people driving by at 30mph, a sign that even Faux News can’t completely ignore nor effectively mock. Madison Avenue is envious of a movement that came up with a slogan that just might nudge the conscience, or self-interest, of elected officials who otherwise routinely succumb to the seemingly omnipotent campaign dollar. Until we institute public financing of elections, we the 99% can only hope.

Tom Ferguson

Tom Ferguson

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