Southern Life

Golf Balls in With Chicken Eggsabout five in the morning
the fire in the wood stove
settles down to its last embers

my friend who loves rib eyes
told me a good eye of chuck
is now his favorite

meanwhile out of the blue a new trend
popped up raising chickens
for their eggs

after one of Lola’s feet was found
with bloody feathers stuck to it
in Carl the shepherd’s mouth
Joe retaliated
he put some golf balls in
a couple of the hens nests
and patched the racoon entry
with heavy wire mesh
the snake ate the golf ball
the coon lost his pass

it’s amazing how just a little molasses makes raw oats
seem like a big ole oatmeal cookie
not as crunchy or toasty as granola
but delicious and chewy

its a good thing those rich hearty embers can’t bank their own coals
and refuse to lend themselves out to the new wood
trying to get caught up
otherwise the fire’d go out

i don’t know
just sayin’


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