Southern Demands

The General Assembly passed out their draft of demands and read their preamble: We hold this truth to be self-evident that the 99% deserve equal rights, equal protections, equal access and equal opportunity as the 1% who benefit disproportionately from the current system.  We therefore freely assemble to assert our rights and demands:

  1. We demand greater democratic control in all spheres of life, from the home to the government, from the economy to the workplace.  It is a moral, logical and political imperative that people should be in control of their own lives to the greatest extent possible.
  2. We deserve an economic system that meets human needs, reduces economic inequality, shrinks the income gap, and doesn’t reward decisions that have a negative impact on society.
  3. We recognize that the market will not regulate itself.  What is good for profit is not always good for people or the environment.
  4. We assert the right of every human being to adequate shelter, food, clothing, hygiene and other basic necessities.
  5. We assert the right of every individual to adequate protection from the economic uncertainties of old age, accident, unemployment and other hardship.
  6. We denounce all predatory lending and fraudulent banking practices and demand accountability.
  7. We recognize that no society should allocate more resources to warfare than to the public good.
  8. We demand a more democratic, publicly representative and accountable media.
  9. We insist that the internet is a basic human right and as such should remain absolutely free and neutral.
  10. We assert our right to public spaces and our right to freely inhabit them because they are essential to democracy and our right to assemble.
  11. We denounce a criminal justice and for-profit prison system that relies on mass incarceration, especially when it reinforces the marginalization and disenfranchisement of people.
Tom Ferguson

Tom Ferguson

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