Southern Income

Empty WalletThe South is home to the nation’s six states with the lowest annual household median income, according to 2010 Census results released recently. All totaled, 10 of the region’s 11 states are in the bottom 13 states in terms of household median income. Virginia, which has the nation’s seventh highest household median income at $60,364, is the only Southern state that has a higher household median income than the national average, which is $49,445.

Here is a ranking of annual median household income with a ranking of one equal to the lowest amount. Keep in mind that “median income” means that half of the people of a state earn more than the median and half of families earn less than that number:

1. Mississippi, $37,985 ($11,460 below the national average).
2.  Arkansas, $38,571
3. Tennessee, $38,686
4.  Louisiana, $39,443
5. Alabama, $40,976
6.  Kentucky, $41,236
8.  South Carolina, $41,709
11.  North Carolina, $43,753
12.  Georgia, $44,108
13.  Florida, $44,243

More info: U.S. Census

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Andy Brack

Andy Brack

Andy Brack is a syndicated columnist in South Carolina and the publisher of Brack, who holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, also publishes a twice-weekly newsletter about good news in the Charleston area, A former U.S. Senate press secretary and reporter, Brack has a national reputation as a communications strategist and Internet pioneer. Brack also is president and chairman of the Center for a Better South, a nonprofit regional think tank. Brack received a bachelor’s degree from Duke University. He, his wife, two daughters and dogs live in Charleston, S.C.